3M Littmann Binaural Assembly For Cardiology 27" Stethoscope

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Renew your stethoscope with authentic 3M™ Littmann® replacement parts. 27" (69 cm) binaural assembly for Littmann Master Cardiology, Cardiology III, and Cardiology II S.E. stethoscopes. Includes tubing, eartubes, and eartips.

Littmann Products are not available for delivery outside of the United States and its territories.

  • Littmann 27" (69 cm) binaural assembly
  • For Littmann Master Cardiology, Cardiology III, and Cardiology II S.E. stethoscopes
  • Includes tubing, eartubes, eartips
  • Most tubing colors come with chrome eartubes and grey eartips. Black eartips come with black or chocolate tubing and black, copper or brass eartubes.
  • Personalize the head with your initials or personalize the tubing so your name is visible to patients and co-workers when your stethoscope is hanging around your neck
This product can be shipped anywhere in the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands and APO and FPO addresses. Sorry, we cannot ship this product to any other address.
March 13, 2016

Great purchase! My old tubing was cracked and this was a less expensive alternative than buying a whole new stethoscope. It was easy to replace and now it's like new.

Cincinnati, Ohio
February 12, 2016
Great Replacement!

The tubing on my cardiology III cracked and split open. I was hesitant to buy a replacement part vs a new stethoscope, but I'm glad I did! I kept the same bell and diaphragm and switched it to the new tubing and it works wonderfully. Sound is at least as good as the original stethoscope.

December 21, 2015
Now like new!

Had a split near the bell on my old Master Cardiology stethoscope. New one replaced in 30 seconds. Sounds just like new.

Pinehurst, North Carolina
December 15, 2015
Hospital Manager

It was exactly what I was looking for after one of our Dr's was needing new tubing for his Cardiology drum.

March 03, 2015
Littman Cardiology binaural replacement

I received the replacement for my beloved Cardiac Littman Stethescope and am so pleased...The color and quality is superb!!! Now my stethescope is working perfectly again . Nothing beats the BEST!!!! Thanks so much!!!

holland, Michigan
March 02, 2015
3M Littmann Binaural Assembly For Cardiology 27" Stethoscope

Replaced my stethescope that was no longer under warantee. This is absolutely the way to go to not have to replace the entire set. I was able to replace the tubing abd diaphragm, and keep the head whihc was most important to me. Absolutely great quality and I LOVE it!

Waterbury, Connecticut
March 02, 2015

the picture looked more purple but what came was more maroon.

Pikesville, Maryland
January 02, 2015
It's now like new

My old tube after many years developed a hole - likely from folding it into my pocket or case. This binaural is of good quality and a surprise was my husband had my name put on it when he ordered for me. Much nicer than having a clip that catches to everything. He also bought a new diaphram which I would suggest. It's like having a new scope for the fraction of a new one. Allheart was competitively priced and shipped it quickly.

Mason, Ohio
December 25, 2014

Replacement tubing made my stethoscope new again. However the diaphragm I ordered was the wrong size.

Ann Arbor, Michigan
December 17, 2014
like new again

I ordered this to go on my Cardiology II stethoscope. My tubing was old and stiff. The new tubing went on easily and it now looks like brand new for half the price of a whole new stethoscope. I got Hunter green. It is a very dark color.It doesn't stand out as green, just a dark color and if you look close you can see it is green.

Fayetteville, Arkansas
October 29, 2014

Could not be more pleased. Wonderful Service, and arrived much sooner than I thought. Great OEM replacements.

Booneville, Mississippi)
September 04, 2014
Lovely replacement

A lovely product that was received much more quickly than anticipated. A real bonus! I like having my name and title right on the rubber so I don't have a dirty tag. Saved money ordering just the replacement parts. Easily applied.

Bradenton, Florida
July 14, 2014
stethoscope tubing set

Excellent quality.

Gilbert, Arizona
May 22, 2014

I love the new tubing. One suggestion would be to send a note stating to take note of how the diaphragm is placed at the end of the old tubing, because I didn't and it hangs funny when I have it around my neck and I can't figure out how to rotate it to the right position. But the product itself I love!

April 11, 2014

Love the color, slipped right on easily. works good.

Milledgeville, Illinois
January 31, 2014

When the tubing for my Master Cardiology broke I was afraid that I would have to discard the entire stethoscope. I came across this web store and was very happy there was a replacement tubing available. I've had this stethoscope since my first nurses check about 16 years ago and it's been a great work tool. The tubing is great and will last a long time.

January 30, 2014
Good Buy

After having my Littman Cardiology III stethoscope for ten-years, I was in the market to replace it due to a hole in the tubing. I searched many reviews and still found the Cardiology III the best for my needs. I was really excited to see the binaural available. It was easy to replace the tubing. The best part, I now have practically a new stethoscope for a fraction of the cost. I would purchase this product again.

Galax, Virginia
August 16, 2013
replacement tubing

Very prompt shipping of quality product. Best prices for replacement products as well!

Columbia, South Carolina
March 24, 2013

Thanks Allheart for my Littmann replacement Master Cardiology tubing. I received it quickly in the mail and it was very easy to replace on my 15 year old stethoscope! I now have a "new toy" - and I love the caribbean blue color!

Batavia, Iowa
March 21, 2013

I was impressed with my new binaural assembly. I was happy that you could purchase this instead of the whole stethescope because the rest of my stethescope was still in good condition. I loved my old Littmann and it lasted about 13 years. The only suggestion I have is that it come in just the tubing because my metal ear assembly still works well and it would be nice to only have to afford the tubing.

Mona, Utah
February 05, 2013
Revitalized my stethoscope

Totally what I needed to revitalize my stethoscope. It's like brand new now. The engraving is great too.

Boston, Massachusetts
December 25, 2012

Just what the Dr. ordered ( or nurse ) :) this is and awesome way to save money, and make ur stethoscope new again. a super find ! thank you !

Britt, Iowa
June 18, 2011
Great product

It was exactually what I ordered/wanted. Very pleased. I am a PA so I use it everyday. Plenty high price, but everything Littmann is.

May 29, 2011

I ordered this assembly as a replacemnt to one that had become brittle and inflexible over the years. The assembly worked just as expected and was very easy to replace on my own. I love the new plum color too.

May 29, 2011

exactly what i ordered. fit perfectly. sounds great. great replacement for the one my dog ate.

May 20, 2011

quality product, fast shipping, no directions but easy to figure out.

May 16, 2011

Was very easy to change out the tubing.

April 08, 2011
replacement tubing

I was very happy to receive my new tubing to replace my cracked tubing for my Littman cardiology II stethoscope. My package arrived earlier than expected, I did pay a little extra to have it within a few days, came in 2. I was relieved that I could get tubing (ear tips included), I did not want to sound another $300 to replace my old scope. The new tubing is great and was easy to install on my old stethoscope head. Love the color too (carribean blue)

February 05, 2011
Good as new now.


January 31, 2011

This is the second replacement tube that I have had to buy since I got the cardiology 3 6 years ago. I love this stethoscope just a little heavy wearing around the neck as I do most of the time.

January 13, 2011
Excellent quality

Quick delivery

January 01, 2011
Stethoscope tubing

See pros and cons.

December 31, 2010
Binaural Assembly for Littmann Stethoscope

Great replacement for the Binaural assembly on a 10 year old stethoscope. Works great now.

December 27, 2010
Quick to ship, easy to install

Works great!

November 11, 2010
Restored original functionality to Cardiology III

Item arrived in just a few days; easily attached to the Cardiology III chestpiece. Worked like new. Price seems rather high, but these biaurals are actually 2 tubes in 1, thus it is more expensive to manufacture. Includes everything but the chestpiece.

August 22, 2010
Glad I broke the old one...

I damaged my wonderful Littmann stethoscope and was delighted to find a replacement part. The old tubing was for a 22"". I used it for years and did not think much about it. I purchased the 27"" tubing and it is so much easier to use that I'm glad I broke the old one.

July 19, 2010
Best tube and binaurals on the market.

Unbeatable in every aspect from the earpieces to the tip of the tube. To answer the question above, the only tubes that are longer than 27inch can NOT be found in the Cardiology family of the Littmann, you have to get a Classic II or Classic Master, the tube is about 28ish to 29ish. The longer the tube, the less accurate the sound transmission, recent studies have shown that there is no big difference between a 22inch and a 27 inch, however, go beyond that would definitely reduce the quality of the sound transmission.

January 30, 2010
RE: length of Binaural cardiology III

I figured the 27 inch choice would be long enough to wear around my neck and not slip off so easy. And I am a short petite person. I know it is best to put in a pocket or hip holister, but face it, we all at some point sling it around the neck. How do larger people tolerate the 27 length? I notice it only comes in the two lengths for the cardiology III. Is there a replacement that is longer and would be right for the cardiolory III stethescope? Otherwise sound is good.

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