Bar Charts Nursing: Surgical Guide

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Our 3-panel (6-page) guide-jam-packed with information-provides a detailed review of a key aspect of the nursing profession: surgery. A perfect resource for nursing students or those already in the field who want to brush up on their skills, this guide covers the key concepts, skills and techniques essential to effective surgical nursing care. Each section features "The Nurse Knows" summary of critical points, set off graphically for easy reference. Tables and images further enhance the text.

Topics include:

  • Categories of Surgical Procedures
  • Classification of Surgery
  • Pre-Operative Surgical Period - Surgical Risk Factors; Pre-Surgical Diagnostic Screenings; Informed Consent; Patient ID
  • Intra-Operative Surgical Period - Nursing Roles during Surgery; Types of Anesthesia; Teamwork in the OR
  • Post-Operative Surgical Period - Immediate Post-op Care in the PACU; Preventing Post-op Complications (Causes & Interventions)
  • MDH Med/Health