Cardionics The E-Scope II Electronic Stethoscope

Item #: CA-718-7700
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The E-Scope II Electronic Stethoscope withstands daily abuse and delivers drastically improved sound quality making physical diagnosis faster and easier. Sounds produced are pure and clean, and murmurs and faint blows become easily distinguishable. It can also be used in a treadmill stress test. The slim-line design with volume and filter controls on the head allows it to be draped comfortably around the neck and operated easily by the user. The sound quality is exceptional with 64 gain positions.

  • Includes single adult diaphragm changeable to specialist diaphragm, specialist bell, or pediatric/infant size bells
  • Selection of eartips for maximum user comfort
  • Output allows attachment to PDA, computer, tape recorder or external earphones
  • Sound selector switch allows listening in proper frequency for heart or breath sounds
  • One-year warranty against manufacturer's defects

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July 18, 2014

Wow what a product....

Recently acquired BTE hearing aides and the dilemma was how to listen to lung, heart and abd sounds? Taking out one hearing aide and using a regular stethscope was not safe. This product is paired with a mini mike that makes me able to hear all of the sounds thru my hearing aide...pricey but worth it..

Carol G.
Greenville , South Carolina