Cherokee Women's Medically Correct Socks With 18-21 Mm/Hg Graduated Compression Hosiery

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Long lasting performance sock specifically designed for medical professionals to help reduce foot and leg fatigue. Flat seamed reinforced toe, shaped heel, and comfortable non-binding top band. Rockers logo is imprinted on the bottom sole of one sock.

  • Reduce foot and leg fatigue
  • Flat seam, reinforced toe, shaped heel
  • Non-binding top band
  • Rockers logo on bottom of one sock
  • 66% nylon, 20% cotton, 14% spandex

Overall Rating:

April 27, 2016
The only ones I wear

I love these. After having compared many different types of compression socks, they are the only ones I wear during my 12 hour nursing shifts. I rotate five or six pairs that I have had for 2-3 years and they all look and feel as if they are brand new. I'm 5'8" 120lbs and I wear the 00A size despite that not being what the size chart advises. They are plenty long, so I'm not sure why it says I should be wearing a 00C...I imagine a girl the same weight as me at 5' would have wider calves than me, yet 00A is what is recommended for someone at that height at 120lbs. Anyways, that's just me! The 00A works well for me...they are definitely snug, as compression socks should be. The ribbing on them does occasionally start to annoy my legs at the end of my 12 hours, but they get the job done better than any others! I guess that ribbing is part of what makes them work so well!

Baltimore, Maryland
November 09, 2015

This is my third time buying these socks and I love them. This time I bought a total of 10 or 11 pairs. They stay up good and make my legs comfortable and really helps with the blood return.

Gainesville, Florida
December 21, 2014
Cherokee Graduated COmpression Socks

Absolutely love these! I'm a nurse working 12hr shifts. These have comfort and padding like an athletic sock, yet, doesn't take up extra room the shoe. I'm tall, and they stay up nicely all day long. I forget they are on, while providing the support I need. My legs don't feel constricted from too much compression nor do they throb at the end of the shift from too little. They are perfect and at a respectable price!

Kalamazoo, Michigan
May 19, 2014
No Edema after 12-Hour Shift!

These socks are breathable and don't make my feet hot. When I take them off after my twelve-hour shift, I have absolutely no swelling in my feet or legs. These socks are definitely worth the price.

Charleston, South Carolina
March 30, 2014
Great purchase, worth it

I ordered six pairs of these socks: 3 in white and 3 in black. They are absolutely wonderful and worth the money. I love it that they're a cotton blend with reinforced heels and toes.

gainesville, Florida
December 14, 2013
Cherokee socks

Love these socks, after a 12 hour day my feet don't feel tired at all!

Houston, Texas
July 19, 2013
These are the socks for those of us who are on our feet the whole shift!

These are the socks for us who are on our feet the whole shift! I have tried many kinds of socks, but these are the best! Because of the cotton heel and toe my feet can breathe and the compression around my ankle and calf help these tired legs all day. I tried these one day and didn't think they were worth it - UNTIL I took them off after a long day. Boy could I feel the difference! I AM A BELEIVER THAT THESE SOCKS ARE WORTH THE MONEY!

Amsterdam, New York
January 10, 2013

I'm a ER nurse, on my feet twelve hours a day. Great support form the socks, legs are not aching. Stongly recommend .

January 03, 2012
Love these!

Really help keep your legs from getting tired and achy while working long shifts!

September 08, 2011
Great Socks!

These are great socks! No sore legs at the end of the day. Only wish that they came in ""black"" too.

June 13, 2011
Best socks ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more edema to feet and ankles after a 12 hour shift!!! The sock foot is soft and has enough cushion for a little extra bounce , with enough compression to keep feet, ankles and legs free of edema. Love the cotton, a great change from the nylon style I used to wear. After a long day at work, my feet and legs feel Fantastic. Love Them

May 11, 2011
Great Purchace

Love these socks!

April 27, 2011
love these socks!!

Very comfortable. It kept my swelling down and my legs did not fell tired. Very good price. WIll buy more!

April 20, 2011
Medically Correct Socks

I LOVE this item. I've used them for years in nursing school and now as a nurse. They are as comfortable as socks and make your feet feel fabulous. They also hold their elasticity well. I've recently replaced my original pair after 4 years.

April 16, 2011
Great support

Got these and absolutely love them. Right compression support and very thick. Ordered another 3 pairs.

April 06, 2011
Great compression socks

These socks are so comfortable, the tops do not dig in at all like my nylon pairs. They work great at keeping my legs from getting tired working 12 hours.

March 31, 2011

I bought new shoes that aren't so great for standing for long hours so I decided to get these as my first pair of compression socks and they work wonders! My legs weren't tired at all at the end of the day. I love love love them!

March 22, 2011
Comfy and Breathable

I love these socks! I like to wear the knee high support socks rather than the full pantyhose die to comfort. Most knee high's are polyester, so they make your feet hot and sweaty. These socks are so soft and comfortable, yet you can feel the support. They actually have a higher compression that other knee high support socks. My legs ache when I do not wear support socks but in the past I have not worn them just because of how hot they were. I definitely recommend these socks to anyone that is on their feet a lot. I work 12 hour night-shifts in a busy ER. These socks are still comfortable after wearing them all night.

January 23, 2011
The Best Socks for Nurses

these socks are the best. They last thru several washings. i have a pair that is over 2 years old and they still looks great. I like how my legs feel after a hard 12 hour shift. These socks, make my legs feel energized. The other socks do not do this. Buy these socks,! They are worth the money.

January 03, 2011
comfy and supportive

very comfortable, help tired feet on a 12 hour shift

January 01, 2011
If not THE BEST definitely one of them

These compression socks from Rockers by Cherokee hold up over time. I bought two pairs of these last year for my wife, a ICU Nurse, and both of them are still holding up strong. She already had 3 pair that were purchased at a local uniform shop and they have turned to mush over the last year. The two original pairs of these are still amost like new, so I bought her two more to replace the cheap ones she got locally.

December 22, 2010
Cherokee Rockers medically correct compression knee socks

I love these socks! They are well worth the cost. They combine the comfort, cushion, and aeration of cotton, plus the squeeze of a compression stocking.

November 05, 2010
Legs feel great

This socks really help leg fatigue and swelling when on you feet for a full shift.

November 04, 2010
THE BEST work socks!

Over the last six years, I have worn these socks during every one of my 12-hour shifts and they have greatly reduced and nearly eliminated aching in my legs and feet. I cannot imagine working a shift without them - they have become part of my uniform! I have tried others and none compare. I love the cottony-rich feel -much softer and more comfortable then the nylon type. Plus, they stay in place and don't slip down. I often worry I won't be able to find these wonderful and I will have to find a substitute... Glad to find them at AllHeart!

November 04, 2010
Love, but wish they were squishier

these are great, but I wish they were softer. After 8 hours my legs still feel pretty good. I haven't worked a longer shift in them yet though.

August 13, 2010
Great !

these stockings are actually thicker like socks. have been wearing them for years now and just reordered a couple new pairs. i am a nurse and these definately help with leg fatigue.

June 23, 2010
No more ache.

I loved these socks. My calves, ankles and feet do not ache anymore after working 12 hour shifts. What I really like about these socks is they feel like normal athletic socks on your feet instead of the nylon-type compression socks. They are worth it.

January 12, 2010
The best I have tried!

I have bought several of these socks over the last few years. They are the best I have used. (ICU nurse working & wearing these for 12 Plus hrs). These are thicker than most- but breathable and the reinforced foot bed does not wear away easily. Machine washed and dried without stretch or shrink- have even bleached them a few times. Great for air travel. I donâ??t have leg/ vascular issues- I feel this gives excellent support without the squeeze. The fact that you buy based on calf circumference contributes to a better fit. Even worn last few weeks of pregnancy to help with the heaviness in my lower legs. Would highly recommend.

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