Global Health Connection Ultimate Therapy Women's Microfiber Thigh High Closed Toe With Lace Top Compression Hosiery

Item #: GH-30C----CLEARANCE
Clearance Price: $33.99

Ultimate Therapy compression stockings are manufactured to strict specifications on state-of-the-art equipment with the most innovative natural fabrics for a soft feel and long-lasting durability. Excellent compression is guaranteed at any level of leg discomfort or vein disorders. Extra-firm thigh-high stockings with perfect gradient compression, velvety texture, and silky sheen.

  • Extra firm surgical support 21-30 mmHg gradient compression
  • Reinforced toe and reciprocated heel
  • Flat, smooth seams
  • Velvety texture with a smooth, sleek look
  • Silky feel and shine
  • SML
  • MED
  • LGE
  • XLG