Prestige Medical SpragueLite Stethoscope

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The SpragueLite is the most advanced lightweight Sprague available. Designed by Prestige Medical, it has the same five-in-one design as the traditional Sprague-Rappaport stethoscope, but weight much less. It has the same thick walled tubing and threaded soft eartips for improved sound clarity and a full accessory pouch. Made from durable zinc, this stethoscope has a lifetime limited warranty.

  • Lightweight Sprague-Rappaport Dual Head stethoscope
  • Made from durable zinc
  • Thick-walled tubing
  • Soft threaded eartips
  • Accessory pouch: Soft PVC eartips, adult and pediatric diaphragms, pediatric disc and diaphragm assembly, pediatric and infant bells
  • Lifetime limited warranty with Free Lifetime Replacement Parts
  • 32" overall length
  • 4.9 oz. approximate weight

Overall Rating:

February 09, 2014
great product great price

Shipping didn't take very long and when I re received it, it looked great. I use it everyday now at work and works perfect and is light.

Naples, Florida
September 10, 2013

Love the color (purple) and it feels great. I had to struggle to hear anything through it though. I'm guessing that would be because the ear pieces don't point out like most other stethoscopes I've seen.

Jonesboro, Arkansas