Prestige Medical Bright LED Penlight

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A bright white LED light in a handy penlight. This penlight has a heavy duty aluminum casing. The light is push button activated. Includes replaceable single AAA battery.

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March 30, 2015
its ok

This was my first pen light. While I love the color options and the light is bright that is where the perks about this product stop! I loved the easy click on top at first, however, this soon became a drawback because it was always turning on in my pocket or in my bag so I had to make sure I carried around lots of extra batteries. I had this for about 6 or 7 months before it just quit working on me altogether.

August 11, 2014
Everything, but the color

Love the color options, everything else is not worth a dime. Top click ensures that no matter where I put it: pocket, med bag, storage, anywhere, it gets turned on and left on until the battery dies. Every single time I go to use it, it is already dead. Not only that but the screw-on head is entirely plastic so it is very difficult to screw back on after changing batteries, and the metal plate alongside the head, is falling off and gets in the way while trying to screw the head on, too. Total junk.

Des Moines, Iowa
February 17, 2014

Really a low quality product. stopped working on the first day itself

NY, New York
February 13, 2013

came with old battery, had to replace it with in a week, but, overall like the flashlight