Veridian KaWe Basic Diagnostic Set C10/E10

Our Price:$249.98

Comfortably balanced design with sturdy, metal handle and lightweight interchangeable heads. Includes KaWe COMBILIGHT C10 Otoscope and KaWe EUROLIGHT E10 Ophthalmoscope. Set also includes: Otoscope head with lamp, ophthalmoscope head with lamp, battery handle, reusable ear specula 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.5 mm, curved lamp support, laryngeal mirrors size 3 (20 mm), size 4 (22 mm), nose spreader speculum with set screw, plastic tongue depressor holder, spare 2.5V vacuum lamp, hard-plastic storage box with foam-lining and two-year warranty (excludes lamp and batteries).

  • Includes KaWe Otoscope and Opthalmoscope
  • Resuable ear specula
  • Lamp support, larungeal mirrors
  • Nose spreader, tongue depresser holder
  • Spare 2.5V vacuum lamp