allheart Discount Dual Head Stethoscope

Item #: AH-DST0201
Our Price:$6.98

This allheart latex-free dual-head stethoscope features a lightweight polished aluminum chestpiece and flexible 22" PVC tubing. The chrome-plated brass binaurals can rotate for a comfortable fit, and come complete with ABS ear tips. Overall length is 30". Personalization available.

  • Dual-head stethoscope with polished aluminum chestpiece
  • Flexible, non-latex 22" PVC tubing
  • Chrome-plated brass binaurals
  • ABS ear tips
  • 30" long
November 04, 2014

title not provided

This stethoscope is amazing! I thought with as cheap as it was it wouldn't do anything, but I was wrong, it's better than some of the high dollar ones I have bought.

Annette D.
Orefield, Pennsylvania
October 03, 2014

Duel Head Stethoscope

I purchased this for my grandson and had it personalized with his name. The sound is clear. He uses it to listen to his heart, mine, his uncle and even his dragons and dinosaurs. He likes it, I like it and the nurses at the hospital were impressed.

Lillie G.
Brookhaven, Pennsylvania
October 01, 2013

Allheart Discount Dual Head Stethoscope (red)

A fairly decent product. When I cross tested it with a more expensive stethoscope it seems the largest difference is the audibility. It works fine, but it is quieter than the pricier one. So you will need to listen carefully. Fairly comfortable (as stethoscopes go) and a very attractive colour. Worth the money paid for.

Fred M.
June 29, 2013

Great deal

The stethoscope I purchased seems to be sturdy and good quality for the price.

K F.
South Burlington, Vermont
June 04, 2013

Dual Head Stethoscope

Disappointed since you can hear everything through the stethoscope but a heartbeat! I bought it for my son as a toy but thought it would have been fun for him to actually hear our heartbeats =(

Jessica S.
Muckegon, Michigan
June 01, 2013


lightweight, cute color, works like a charm. Could not beat the price.

Paula K.
Pembroke, New Hampshire
May 31, 2013


Thanks, this is just what I need to get started in my new job when i finish school.

Debra W.
Barberton, Ohio
March 25, 2013

It's a good stethoscope for the price!

I have had this stethoscope for quite sometime now. I purchased this for class and it's great! If you're on a budget, it's better to have this than nothing at all! It works fairly well

Jonathan H.
Staten Island, New York
February 08, 2013

dual head stethoscope

This is one of the best I have used & the price is unbeatable! I bought this for my EMT class & ended up purchasing 2 more for fellow classmates. Only trouble is with the fact that the stethoscope comes in 3 pieces so you can change out parts & they can also come apart if not secured together efficiently.

Catherine J.
Trinidad, Colorado
February 06, 2013

Loved it!

For the price this was a great product, only downfall I ordered fuchsia and it was more of a neon pink.

Mary M.
Rhinelander, Wisconsin
September 03, 2011


can't believe this was so inexpensive! Works great. Worth the money and more!

June 18, 2011

great product

enjoying the product

June 14, 2011

Great deal

For an inexpensive scope, sound transmission is excellent. Tubing is a little long, but of course can be shortened. Highly recommend.

June 13, 2011

Good quality

Very sensitive, can hear pulse well.

June 08, 2011

excellent product at a very reasonable rate

We have had no complaints on these stethoscopes. We give them out for free to our students and they work well enough for training purposes. The price is outstanding do to the fact we do not charge our students for these products. Very happy with them

June 06, 2011

The stethescope I bought is already a headliner.

Everyone has asked about the remarkable color; and if the stethescope was working as well as it looks. Well, it is. And I have to make sure it either leaves with me or is locked safely away in my locker. it works better than any one I have every had.

May 10, 2011


This is for bloodpressure use.

April 17, 2011

Excellent stethoscope at a great price.

Excellent stethoscope at a great price.

March 23, 2011

i can hear again

after my last stethoscope broke, i was determined to find one for temporary use but after hearing how clear you can hear the heartbeat.i no longer considered this as temporary. this is my new full time stethoscope..i got it in my favorite color and im hearing hearts like never before..

March 09, 2011

I Like it

I like the fact that it is very light weight, sometimes I forget that it is around my neck.

February 04, 2011

Dual head stethoscope

I like how it is light wt. and that it is blue. I definitaly got what I paid for, the prodct seems a little cheap but works just fine for my lab in the Nursing program. I do like how light wt. it is because my Littmann seems to slowly work its way to falling off my shoulders but it seems I am the only one with this problem. Like I said it works fine but I wish it was better quality.

December 20, 2010

Very good for teaching

These low cost stethoscopes are perfect for learning to hear heart and lung sounds as well as taking a blood pressure. I teach a sports medicine class at a high school, and they appreciate being able to have a usuable steth at a good price.

November 11, 2010


I haven't used them yet because I have not started clinicals, but the fuscia color they list is not fuscia. It's more of mauve. So just be aware of that.

November 09, 2010

Worked great!

Worked great and at a fraction of the cost stethoscopes usually sell for!

September 27, 2010

Quality Review

Works fine. Reasonable price. I have another steth that was much more expensive! I don't take it to work. Wish I had gotten this one $3.49! At a cheaper price, it's less of an issue if it gets lost at work.

September 26, 2010

Great for Price!

If u just want it for the look or as a prop, then it's perfect for the price! However, to use to hear real's kinda hard and not the best item to buy.

September 22, 2010


Functionally average

September 06, 2010

dual head stethoscope.

This is a good quality item for the price. Excelent for nursing students.

August 05, 2010

comfortable cheap good investment

comfortable cheap good investment

August 04, 2010

Hard to hear

Hard to hear breath sounds and get what you pay for. Works ok for blood pressures. Fast shipping and quick processing from the company, which is why I give this item 2 stars versus 1. Recommend purchasing a more expensive stethoscope if you are a healthcare professional. This is fine for someone like a CNA that does limited work with it or fine for a person in their home for personal use.

April 28, 2010

Not bad at all. Your basic model.

This was one of two that I purchased both under $10.00. Very sturdy basic model. At least if I lose one, I have another as back up.

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