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This three-panel Quizzers? edition of the BarCharts original Anatomy Guide is ideal for studying. There are labeled, full-color illustrations of each body system with accompanying questions and answers that quiz you on what you?ve learned from using the guide.

Guide includes:

  • skeletal, vertebral column & bone structure
  • skull, vertebrae & nerve structure
  • lymphatic, respiratory & nervous system
  • endocrine, digestive system & viscera
  • colon & urinary system
  • male & female reproductive systems
  • circulatory system & blood circuits
  • posterior, anterior heart & circulation
  • nerves & arteries
  • body & head muscles
  • brain (sagittal section) & surface brain
  • brachial & sacral plexus
  • hip ligaments
  • components of the finger
  • hip & sciatic nerve
  • knee ligaments, front & back
  • head: eye, ear, nose & mouth
  • skin
  • ear interior
  • anatomy of the hand
  • foot

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This 4-page laminated guide is loaded with beautifully illustrated diagrams that are clearly labeled. It measures 4" X 6".

Guide includes:

  • muscles - anterior
  • muscles - posterior
  • lymphatic network
  • circulatory system
  • nodes & vessels
  • skeletal system - anterior
  • skeletal system - posterior
  • bone structure
  • nervous system
  • male urinary system
  • digestive system & viscera

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    300 full-color cards flash cards cover 14 human-body systems, with images on one side and text on the other so you can test yourself. High-quality illustrations on eac card. There are color-coded tabs to help you find categories easily. (The tab key is on the side of the box)

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