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Radiation therapy (RT) is a dynamic but complex medical profession. Our comprehensive 3-panel (6-page) guide will make it all easy to understand, including the differences between RT and X-ray tech. All key aspects of RT - from basic radiophysics and radiobiology to radiotherapy safety and procedures - are covered in-depth, with up-to-date information that is enhanced by useful charts, tables and images of cutting-edge equipment. Each section features "The Tech Knows" summary of critical points, set off graphically for easy reference.

Topics include:

  • Overview - How RT Works
  • General Principles of Radiation Safety & Treatment Planning
  • Glossary of Clinical Terminology
  • RT Equipment
  • Radiobiology - Repair, Repopulation, Reassortment & Reoxygenation
  • Radiophysics - Electromagnetic vs. Particulate Radiation
  • Glossary of Radiophysics Terminology
  • Specific Tumor Sites & Types
  • Common Side Effects of Radiotherapy

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