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X-RAY TECH Quick Study Guide

X-ray tech/diagnostic radiology (DR) is tried-and-true healthcare modality, yet ever-changing technology makes it a continually challenging field. Our comprehensive 3-panel (6-page) guide will make it all easy to understand, including the differences between DR and radiation therapy (RT). All key aspects of DR from basic radiophysics to diagnostic testing procedures are covered in-depth with up-to-date information, enhanced by useful charts and tables. Each section features "The Tech Knows" summary of critical points, set off graphically for easy reference. Topics include:

  • Overview: How DR Works
  • Understanding Radiophysics & Production of X-Rays
  • DR Images & ModalIt's
  • Anatomic Positioning Basics
  • Glossary of Clinical Terminology
  • Imaging Basics
  • General Principles, Procedures & Radiation Safety
  • 5°Categories of Radiopacity & Radiolucency
  • Fractures
  • Classic Radiographic Signs & Findings
  • Glossary of Radiographic Terminology
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