3M Littmann 3100 Electronic 27" Stethoscope (w/ Ambient Noise Reduction)

Item #: LITT-3100-
Our Price:$355.98

The 3M™ Littmann® 3100 electronic stethoscope offers improved sound quality and ease-of-use to help you make a clear diagnosis every time. Reduces background noise and amplifies sounds up to 24 times. Easy-to-read backlit LCD display includes frequency selection, sound level, remaining battery life, and patient's heart rate. Lightweight and comfortable to use.

  • Single Head Electronic Stethoscope
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD display includes frequency selection, sound level, remaining battery life, and patient's heart rate.
  • Displays current sound level, bell or diaphragm mode, remaining battery life, and patient's heart rate.
  • Flexible tubing, comfortable grip, non-chill diaphragm, and lightweight design
  • Proprietary ambient noise reduction technology reduces approximately 85% of ambient background noise
  • Auto-on feature means no waiting to start your next auscultation
  • Personalize the tubing so your name is visible to patients and co-workers when your stethoscope is hanging around your neck
  • Most tubing colors come with chrome eartubes and grey eartips. Black tubing comes with black eartips.
  • 27" length
  • FDA 510 certification

This product can be shipped anywhere in the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands and APO and FPO addresses. Sorry, we cannot ship this product to any other address.

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April 01, 2016
electronic stethoscope

Great piece of technology,lightweight you won't notice it around your neck, which is where you'll have to keep it because everyone at work loves it and want it. The only con is when you turn it on it takes a couple secs to start functioning, that's because u can't use it without the battery. However, I love it I hear every heart beat,lung sounds, and bowel sounds veryyyy clearly.

Hempstead, New York
March 06, 2016

This stethoscope works great...it's only been a few weeks since I purchased this but it amplifies perfectly, I am hearing much better than with the Littman Cardiology III that I was using. My PCP recommended this product after we discussed how much worse my hearing had gotten. I recommend this stethoscope for anyone with hearing loss!!

tipton, Michigan
February 25, 2016

Outstanding instrument. Thank you

Willingbor, New Jersey
January 13, 2016

Awesome Stethoscope!

Sterling Heights, Michigan
December 29, 2015
Love this stethoscope!

This stethoscope lets me hear sounds I would have never heard before. It is most useful with patients that are obese and/or have CHF with soft heart sounds. I have listened with my old Cardiology Master and then wit this and there is no comparison, this one wins hands down. The only draw back is that it is so good that lung sounds amplified give you the impression a patient has crackles when they might not.

El Paso, Texas
December 12, 2015
better than ever

i have diminished hearing after getting to my age, and attending concerts that are usually too loud, so hearing through a stethoscope has frequently been a challenge to me. well no longer will checking lungs or hearts be a problem for me, this new stethoscope has already enabled me to hear things i never would have been able to hear with my old one. i recommend this to those like myself that are unsure of what we are hearing with a traditional stethoscope.

boston, Alabama
October 11, 2015

Nice quality. Works well. I understood that I would get free shipping but that didn't happen

Hornell, New York
February 11, 2015
great heart sounds

purchased this for one of our doc's... afterwards purchases 3 more for the other doctors because they all wanted one. They absolutely love it.

Southgate, Michigan
January 30, 2015
Great Buy

Bought one for one of our doctors, when it arrived the others were like kids in a candy store. So I had to buy another and another now all 4 have one and they love it.

Southgate, Michigan
January 05, 2015
Littman Electronic stethoscope

I bought this for my husband. I also had his initials monogrammed on there. He loves it and says it really is helping him to hear better!

Wilmington, North Carolina
August 14, 2014

Works great, but for $350, don't your think Allheart could throw in some battery's ?

Marquette, Michigan
May 19, 2014
Great Stethescope, however sounds the same as the Littmann 3000

Sounds the same as the older Littmann 3000. My 3000 was starting to break after may years of service, so upgraded. Hoped the 3100 would be even better, but sounds basically the same as the 3000. All their noise-cancelling stethoscopes are amazing, and if you have any difficulty hearing in general, then they are pretty much a necessity.

San Diego, California
March 10, 2014

I just retired a Littman 3000 after many years of service. I am a veterinarian and it was used 5-6 days a week for years. It was the best stethoscope I ever owned. So far, the new 3001 model is performing just as well. Timely delivery.

Ballston Spa, New York
March 02, 2014
Littmann 3100

Very nice stethoscope, I am slightly deaf in one ear and this item makes all the difference. Excellent delivery time and nice engraving job. :)

Belen, New Mexico
February 11, 2014

Bought as a replacement. LOVE IT!! Sound quality is phenomenal, doesn't feel heavy around my neck, wish I would have bought one sooner!!

Kilgore, Texas
February 07, 2014
Only lasted 2-3 years

At first, I was quite pleased with this stethoscope and its performance. I began to have trouble with the sound in its second year, and it began to fall apart, disconnecting from the battery pack and control panel. It was out of warranty but for over $300, I feel it should last a lot longer. I won't purchase again.

Amherst, Massachusetts
February 04, 2014
Littman 3100 Electronic Stethoscope

This stethoscope is to replace a 3200 which quit just a couple of weeks after the warranty. That 3200 was to replace the prior electronic Littman that failed after two years and that one to replace the one before that....I think that for investing over $300 on a piece of equipment like this, we should expect better quality. Littman has great customer service but only mediocre products...perhaps they are emulating WelchAllen? If anyone made a similar product I would try it next.

Ennis, Montana
January 12, 2014
Littmann 3100 Electronic With Ambient Noise Reduction Stethoscope

This was a gift for my daughter who just has a year and a half left in her doctorate residency in Internal Medicine so I haven't actually seen the item. She says that this stethoscope is particularly useful when trying to listen to heart and internal body sounds in a person that has additional thickness between the skin and the heart or part of the body that she is listening to. Big improvement over a regular stethoscope. She is very happy with the product.

Sunburst, Montana
December 25, 2013

so far looks like it will help with diagnosis, I have not used it yet on patients.

December 06, 2013
Overall disappointed - don't throw your old stethoscope away.

I am a full-time general pediatrician with > 20 years experience. I have used Littmann pediatric stethoscopes for decades. I bought this stethoscope because of the noise cancelling feature. First, the positives: 1) the stethoscope performs well at high frequencies, and this is useful for murmurs in infants. Second, there is a modest degree of noise attenuation. I can see where this may be of value in a noisy ER or for EMS personnel in the field. But (now the negatives) the noise attenuation is really quite modest. I was expecting something along the lines of my Bose headphones. Forget it. Not even close. Second, the diaphragm setting eliminates many mid frequencies that are necessary to assess lung sounds in children. At the same time, the bell setting attenuates mid and high frequencies so well that I find this setting is useless for pulmonary auscultation. What they need is a setting that allows BOTH to be heard simultaneously. Lastly, the heart rate monitor works on infants < 5% of the time and on school a

Pasadena, California
November 12, 2013
Poor for exercise blood pressures

Works great for those heard to hear low BPs and for lung sounds but I work in cardiac/pulmonary rehab and need to take exercise BPs frequently. Very hard to hear while someone is on the treadmill and hard to hold in place on a moving target. Diaphragm cover also frequently falls off and the film covering it has peeled off. Waste of my money unfortunately.

Appleton, Wisconsin
November 10, 2013

I am a physician. Thus far, this (3100)stethoscope has NOT performing at par for Littman. Contrary to what is stated in manual, it rarely provides a reading of the patient's heart rate when diaphragm is held over the heart apex area for many seconds. It amplifies all noises in addition to the ones you're interested in. Rubbing against skin produces significant noise interference. It feels this product needs refinement and I feel I did not get the quality I paid for. Overall, I am NOT satisfied with this purchase. I would also know how I could safely clean/disinfect it please.

Miami, Florida
November 09, 2013
Litmann 3100 Electronic Stethoscope

Absolutely love this stethoscope. I wish I hadn't waited so long to buy it!!

Green River, Wyoming
October 07, 2013

I love my Littmann 3100 stethoscope, it's much better than the electronic steth. I purchased in the past. I recommend this to anyone interested in enhancing their ability to diagnose heart and lung sounds. It's worth the price!

September 26, 2013
Why did I wait for so long?

I have needed an enhanced stethoscope as my hearing is just not what it used to be, and this one is it! I'm now asking myself, Why did I wait so long? I use this scope in the field, and it helps me listen despite all the noise around me! I have recommended the 3100 to all of my colleagues and after they've tried it and then use their own, they want mine!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 13, 2013
100% the best!

Very good! 100% the best!

miami, Florida
September 08, 2013

thanks very well manage

tacoma, Washington
September 07, 2013

It is not the same as a high quality acoustic 'scope. It takes some getting used to. That said, however, it remains a very useful diagnostic tool.

Grayling, Michigan
August 31, 2013
Littmann 3200 electronic stethoscope

The best work tool ever. I can't work without it.

San Martin, California
June 01, 2013
Excellent product

This stethoscope is great! I am able to hear heart and lung sounds distinctly. I like the fact that the volume level is adjustable.

Knox City, Texas
May 13, 2013
Littman 3100 Electronic with Ambient Nose Reduction

I absolutely Love my new Littman. I was worried about spending so much on a stethoscope without being able to try it first. I have been in the Respiratory care field for over 20 years. I can not Give enough praise to Littman 3100. All I can say.. IT'S Wonderful. I now have others at work that are looking into purchasing one after trying mine. Its my personal opinion that this is the Best of the Best.

Ladson, South Carolina
May 08, 2013
Registered Nurse

I bought this stethescope after another amplified stethescope that I have been using for years stopped working. I wear hearing aids and take my aids out and crank the sound up. I was nervous buying one over the internet without trying it out first, but I did my homework, and boy did it pay off! I can hear just as well with this stethescope as the one that died. I also like that the controls are near the diaphram where your fingers are anyway. I do not mind taking my aids out to oscultate sounds. I just worn my patients not to say anything important to me untill they are back in. This is the way I have done it for years. The sound from the stethescope is clear, and the background noises are indeed minimized. What a joy after years of using older techmology! I also like the feature that displays the pulse rate right on the back of the diaphram, saving me a little time. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. As an added bonus, by purchesing it here, I saved so much money that I had it ingraved and had mone

Scottsdale, Arizona
March 08, 2013

Love it! I work as a paramedic in an extremely noisy truck. I can now hear lung sounds and heart tones loud and clear and adjust the volume according to the noise level! This is a blessing!

Oklahoma City, Alabama
March 07, 2013

I've used about four different electronic stethoscopes over the years. I am hear impaired. This is the best that I have had. It amplifies better and I can hear much better. Prior to this my favorite was and E-scope. This works better.

Clarksville, Tennessee
January 18, 2013
worth every penny

I was a little apprehensive spending this much money sight unseen (or unheard in this case), but this stethoscope is AMAZING! Fantastic clarity and easy to use controls. Does display patient's heart rate, but I wouldn't necessarily rely on it's reading in place of actually counting for myself

New York, New York
January 15, 2013
Very good

i have had this for about 3 years now it works great have issues with auto shut on on b/ps but other then that it is great, and it keeps me from having to get hearing aids which is what i want to put off till i have to

Davenport, Iowa
January 06, 2013
Great Steth!

I teach students to NEVER listen to breath sounds (especially kids) through clothing. The noise reduction is good enough to hear through clothes and hear murmurs and egophony and petroliloquy right through the clothes, though this still would not be a good practice. Almost too sensitive, but great for these old ears. Pricey, but worth it, especially if this is your first device. You sure will use it in clinical medicine no matter what field you are in. If you need to hear more than blood pressures, consider this steth.

Atlanta, Georgia
January 01, 2013

The best stethoscope for heart sounds

Yonkers, New York
June 19, 2011

i have had 2 other electronic stethoscopes and this one by far is the best i ever had.

June 19, 2011

I participated in the 14 day free trial using this stethoscope and I really dreaded the day that I had to return it. This is an excellent stethoscope, I'm saving up to purchase one. A must have for me.

June 19, 2011

I participated in the 14 day free trial using this stethoscope and I really dreaded the day that I had to return it. This is an excellent stethoscope, I'm saving up to purchase one. A must have for me.

June 17, 2011
Great item

I'm so glad I bought this item. I highly recommend it to every nurse.

June 13, 2011
Excellent product

I love this steth. The only complaint that I would register is that I was hoping that ""ambient noise reduction"" would reduce the level of noise associated with manipulation of the device. This has not been the case, however, once in place and no shirt rubbing over the back of fingers etc... you can pick up the faintest of sounds. Overall, very pleased.

June 13, 2011
Excellent Product

That's a excellent product!!!

May 28, 2011
Great Value

With different earpieces (purchased separately) this stethoscope works great with my ITC hearing aids. The operation is very simple and straight forward. I like that I can preprogram the settings. Most of my pts. don't even realize there is anything different between my stethoscope and others. So far battery life seems good. Very happy with my purchase.

May 27, 2011
Great Product!

Great sound and filtering.

May 12, 2011
Worth it, and improved from the 3000

Use it daily as a replacement for my old 3000, whose arm snapped. This one is much-improved, primarily with better sound amplification and noticeably-better ambient noise reduction. I definitely like that there's a screen readout so you can see what volume setting you're really on. (With the old one I just had to guess, hard with 7 or 8 different levels.) The pulse-reader is cute, but takes too long to capture for it to actually be useful.

May 07, 2011
Very helpful!!!

I got it for my dad, He's a cardiologist and kind of starting to have hearing problems, He says the stethoscope is fantastic and very helpful and easy to use. I can't throw more details since I'm not the final user, so far my dad is very happy with this stethoscope.

April 23, 2011
Litmann 3100 Electronic Stethoscope

Good--Enables me to hear heart, lung, bowel, vascular sounds where I couldn't before. The background noise elimination is good, not perfect. The choice of high-pitched or low-pitched sounds works well.

April 17, 2011
Good product for a good price

I work in an Emergency Department that has excessive loud sounds. The ability to have noise cancellation and amplification is great.

April 13, 2011


April 08, 2011
Great Device

I wear behind-the-ear hearing aids and the 3100 works well with them. I wish I had bought this years ago.

March 26, 2011
good stethoscope

I have used electronic stethoscopes for over 12 years now due to hearing loss. This one is the best. Appears solid in the headpiece, not ""plasticky"" like so many others. Headpiece is easy to clean with alcohol swab, no creases that accumulate debris or germs. Sound quality is adequate, and the feel is good. The biggest problem I have had with the stethoscopes over the years is that the wires break from folding it to put in your pocket, or maybe just from general use. We will have to see how long this one lasts.

March 21, 2011
Second try,

The first Littmann 3100 sent to me wouldn't work properly out of the box. It had a problem with the connection where the head comes off to insert the battery. The connection was bad and only gave loud static. I returned it and was immediately sent a working unit. This stethoscope is great. I can hear bowel sounds when auscultating the heart! O.K., maybe that is not a good thing, but I can hear very well with this. I can hear breath sounds clearly and last week I identified a murmur. I love this stethoscope, just hope it lasts. Had to remove the name plate I bought (Black Identification Tag, $3.98) specifically for this tubing--and paid $7 to have engraved-because the name plate wouldn't lay flat and kept catching on everything, especially hair.

March 14, 2011
No excuse in missing BP or lung sounds

Noise in the background does not interfer with your examination. You don't need to have a hearing impairment to appreciate this stethoscope.

March 09, 2011
Better than the no name electronic stethoscope I had.

I was pleased to find I had much more amplification, better noise reduction ( still not all I could hope for). It was very nice to see it used a conventional battery. I used to have to order a $20 replacement battery for my no name

February 22, 2011
Works great!

So far I love this stethoscope. I haven't used it too long but what I have used it for it works great

February 18, 2011
Great volume controls.

I bought this stethoscope because I wear hearing aids in both ears. Although I have to remove my hearing aids to use this stethoscope, the electronic volume controls make up all the difference. I can hear the sounds I need to hear & can distinguish them. It is a benefit to have to scope look ""normal"" rather than the headset style stethoscope typically recommended for hearing aid wearers.

February 03, 2011
electronic stethoscope

Great for hearing in the busy emergency department. Love the versatility.

January 31, 2011
Litmann 3100 Electronic Stethoscop

Light weight easy to use.

January 08, 2011
Littman 3100 Stethoscope

Fast shipping from Allheart! This stethoscope is awesome! I have trouble hearing in one ear and this stethoscope makes it no problem to hear any sound I need to hear, it is an answer to a real problem!

January 06, 2011

I bought this item for my fiance who is a registered nurse and he loves it. He says that it works so well that the physicians ask to borrow it all the time. I would say that is excellent since he works on a cardiology floor.

January 06, 2011
exactly what i needed and wanted in a stethoscope

i couldn't be more pleased with the quality and workmanship, as well as the features offered on this scope. My hearing is not as sharp as it once was was, and this scope cleans up the background noise and allows you to amplify what you are hearing .

January 04, 2011

Still getting used to it.

January 02, 2011
Littmann 3100 Electronic Stethoscope

Great unit very easy to use

December 30, 2010
Great for Hard of Hearing health care providers!

I purchased this stethescope as a back-up for my other amplified stethescope. I am totally deaf in one ear, and have a high frequency loss in the other. I like this stethescope much better, and the sound is much clearer than my other one.

December 13, 2010

I love this stethoscope! It certainly is a step up from the Littmann 3000 Electronic Stethoscope.

December 03, 2010
A must have

The most advanced and sophisticated stethoscope that I have ever used in my 30 years in the medical profession.

October 25, 2010
Excellent diagnostic tool

I would give this product a 4.5 star rating. The only reason I can't give it 5 stars is I trialed the 3200 and was under the impression the 3100 had all the same acoustic features. I was disappointed to find it did not have the extended frequency listening capability.I have been delighted with the acoustics. It is truly incredible to hear crystal clear breath sounds and heart sounds. It is no heavier than the master cardiology, and the battery is easy to replace. I have recommended the 3100 to several colleagues.

September 18, 2010

I used this stethoscope from a nursing friend. It is Amazing! The clarity of sounds... what I thought was clear lung sounds, I may have been missing without the 3100. I just ordered one for myself, can hardly wait for it to come it.

September 10, 2010
Littmann 3100

I love this product. It works wonderfully. Its easy to use. The fact that you can turn up the volume is amazing!

September 09, 2010
Littman 3100

I have hearing aids and have difficulty hearing with a conventional stethoscope. The 3100 allows me to adjust the volume so I can continue to do pt. care. I can even hear to get a manual blood pressure in the back of a noisey moving ambulance. I am a Paramedic and the 3100 is allowing mre to continue to provide good patient care. Thank You!Gwen Reed

August 24, 2010
All my co-workers are jealous!

I knew I was going to need this item soon. Getting older, have tinnitus. Hosing cracked on 15 year old Littman Cardiology scope, time to come off the money. Glad I did, i love it!

August 21, 2010


April 12, 2010
Well worth the money.

I purchased this stethoscope about 2 weeks ago and love it. I work as a paramedic in EMS and had a cardiology III prior to this. Althought the III was good it was hard to take a BP or listen to heart/lung sounds going down the road but with this 3100 I can do B/P's and hear a flea hickup in the back of the medic unit. I would recommend this unit to anyone. Would make a good gift for someone who is fixing to graduate a medic class. Also this unit isnt all that heavy.

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