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Athletic Injuries of the Knee is designed as a tool to help primary care and sports medicine practitioners and therapists explain anatomical and sports injury concepts to their patients and clients. This chart provides an overview of normal knee anatomy and common injuries and showcases 11 images which illustrate the mechanisms of knee injuries in the context of a human figure playing sports. The vibrant images are from the Anatomical Visual Guide to Sports Injuries and are listed below:

Pathological Knee Injury Images:

  • LCL Tear
  • MCL Tear
  • ACL Tear
  • PCL Tear
  • Patellar Tendinopathy: Shows tendinopathy at the following sit's: distal quadriceps femoris tendon, distal pole of patella, patellar tendon insertion onto the tibial tubercle
  • Meniscus Tears: Shows bucket handle tear, vertical tear, radial tear, parrot beak tear, fraying/degenerative

Sports Injury Mechanism Images:

  • ACL Tear: Basketball
  • ACL Tear: Skiing
  • PCL Tear: Wrestling
  • MCL Tear: Football
  • LCL Tear: Rugby
  • Hyperflexion/Meniscus Tear: Skating
  • Jumper's Knee: Volleyball
  • Patellar Tendon Rupture: Weight Lifting
  • Tibia Fracture: Soccer
  • IT Band Syndrome: Running

Normal Anatomy Images:

  • Anterior View of Knee
  • Medial View of Knee
  • Superior view of Knee Showing Meniscus


Unmounted - Printed on high-quality heavy paper appropriate for framing. (Note: Unmounted charts cannot be displayed on the chart stands.)

Laminated - Printed on high-quality paper with flexible 1.5 mil plastic lamination. Metal eyelets in each top corner for convenient wall hanging or for use with chart stands. Lamination also makes the chart "markable" allowing write-on / wipe-off. Easily rolls up for portability. This is the most popular mounting.

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