Cardionics Amplified For The Hard Of Hearing And Hearing Impaired Electronic Stethoscope

Item #: CA-718-7710
Our Price:$349.98

The Cardionics Electronic Stethoscope for the hard of hearing and hearing impaired is designed to be worn on the belt or lab coat. Delivers improved sound quality, making physical diagnosis faster and easier. Amplifies heart, breath and bowel sounds or Korotkoff sounds without amplifying outside noise. Can also be used in a stress test situation on a treadmill.

This product is compatible with Cardionics Extra Headphones.

  • Single Head Electronic Cardiology Stethoscope
  • Includes single adult diaphragm
  • Output allows attachment to PDA, computer, tape recorder or external earphones
  • Sound selector switch allows listening in proper frequency for heart or breath sounds
  • Exceptional sound quality with 64 gain positions
  • One-year warranty against manufacturer's defects
May 19, 2014
Very Noisy Signal

I am not hard of hearing, but I was interested in digitizing heart sounds. This product performed very poorly for me. The heartbeat was faint and swamped by noise. I sent the first one back. I was sent a replacement, which was slightly better, but still very noisy. I have since made my own electronic stethoscope using a high quality microphone, a low noise microphone amplifier, and a bell and tube form a cheap drugstore stethoscope. At a little more than half the price, it far outperforms this Cardionics product.

Portland, Oregon
May 09, 2013
Excellent stethoscope for hearing aid wearers.

This is my second Cardionics. I have used it with CIC aids as well as over the ear and it is excellent. First one lasted about 5 years with minor repairs. Service is fast and friendly should you need it.

le, Virginia
January 25, 2013
Using with a Streamer

I use behind-the-ear hearing aids that came with a bluetooth streamer. Could not hear breath sounds past my in-ear transmitters with a standard stethoscope. This set-up would work well in a quiet office setting; however, I work as an RT in a critical care unit with lots of ambient noise. I could not hear breath sounds through my hearing aids. If I set the volume up, I got too much artifact. Sorry, I had to send it back. (Great return policy, thanks.)

Hagerstown, Maryland
June 18, 2011
Great Product

I really like this product. It works well with bone conduction hearing aids and I really like the fact that the volume can be made higher and lower according to preference. I would definitely recommend this stethoscope to anyone with any kind of hearing aid.

June 10, 2011

I must admit I was very skeptical about buying this online, and it is so expensive, but after using it for my work and practicums, I must say I am thrilled with the product. The other girls want one just like it because it truly picks up the heart rhythms and bowel sounds along with air intakes...unbelievable! I use the lowest volume setting on there, and the clarity is so definite; love the product. I am going to have my name ingraved on the scope so I never lose it! I would recommend this to others as well, because I am sure a stethoscope has managed to get lost or stolen sometime along the way, so if you would like to feel a little more secure, i suggest going to a jeweler and having your name engraved. It would be nice if your company could offer a service like that as these types of stethoscopes are very expensive! Great tool for anyone who is in the medical field and yes, I would recommend this highly.

September 04, 2010
I can Hear!

This is an amazing tool! I was able to progress through my nursing courses through the use of this stethoscope whereas the other model i had required me to remove my hearing aids to use. This one is fantastic! It does amplify room noise, but simply turning down tv's in patient rooms really eases most room noise.

July 23, 2010
got me through nursing school

Althougth the picture looks like a better headset, I had bought this system in 2007. It does amplify enough to hear heart and lung sounds very clearly. I wish it had a battery low sound like a click or buzz that battery is low. Can happen in the middle of an assessment. Takes AAA batteries. I always carry around a package, just in case. This headset looks a bit more sturdy. Mine died just recently, and I bought another at radio shack that work just as well.

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