Overall Rating:

January 06, 2014

Great Value

Tried it back-to-back with the Littmann Cardiology III. Altough the Cardio III sound is a little louder and more robust/clear, this MDF Sprague Rappaport seems very close in acoustic quality. And comparing the $165 price tag of the Cardio II, this $35 stethoscope is a great value with good performance. Ear fit is not the best so ambient noise might be a probable if you're in a loud environment but it gets the job done.

March 26, 2013


Product is as advertised and a good bargain for the price.

Attleboro, Massachusetts
October 09, 2011

Great Quality

Derable and good sound quality. I use on an Ambulance as an EMT. Not an easy place to hear anything.

June 19, 2011


The stethoscope is great. It's not too expensive, and it works great. I love the color to choose from and I didn't have to wait too long for it to ship. It comes with replacement pieces and you get replacement parts for life according to the inner paperwork.

May 24, 2011

Excellent stethoscope

Doctors obviously tend to go with more expensive and sophisticated ears, but for nurses and techs, these are tough to beat. The dual design membrane/bell setup is nice, and they are surprisingly comfortable to wear. Even come with replacement parts!

May 10, 2011


very smart and high quality

December 22, 2010

verry good

verry pleased a gift for someone going to rn school'

August 24, 2010

Beefy Scope!

This is a great stethoscope, it was affordable and very effective and attractive, when compared to Littmans of higher price, it performs better picking up many more sounds with a load of attachments and accessories. And it is American Made!!!