Overall Rating:

March 11, 2014

Pretty horrible. Can't auscultate breath or heart sounds with this at all.

Patricia C.
Toronto, Ontario
October 20, 2013

You get what you pay for!

I am a pre-med student and needed a beginner's stethoscope to hear patients' heartbeats for a shadowing position. I can't hear anything! Even after a doctor adjusted the barrel to open the "flat side," I still cannot hear a thing. The hot pink color is very pretty and the item arrived on time, but it does not work. The earpieces are horribly uncomfortable as well! I am going to invest in a Litmann and give this to a child to use as a toy.

Felicia C.
West Palm Beach, Florida
April 14, 2013

Great for Students!

Received these for raffle prizes for nursing students. These are great and can be used by every student who needs to have good equipment with them at all times!

Karen B.
Chino, California
March 18, 2013


I liked the product overall. Although it is very fragile

Ana V.
Highland, California