Overall Rating:

September 09, 2013


Good stethoscope and timely delivery.

Larry W.
Lubbock, Texas
February 10, 2011

Great Scope

I have the entire Littmann line, Magna Fortis, Kila, and this is by far the best stethoscope I have ever used. The sounds are very loud and clear. There is ease in switching between Bell and both diaphragms. Also great in noisy situations. The ONLY drawback is that it is overwhelmingly heavy.

June 23, 2010

A tank!

just got it today, and impressed! I collect stethoscope and this is the latest gadget added to my collection. The corrugated diaphragm amplifies the heart sound at least 50% and lungs sound are clear and crisp. However, the bell is a little disappointed compared to the Littmann's bell which captures much better low frequency such as carotid bruits or abdominal aortic bruits. Also, the earpieces are rougher than Littmann and hurt the ears after a minute or two into the auscultation. The length of the tube is inappropriately short and the binaurals headset is a little shorter as well. They got to correct and improve on these areas.