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September 20, 2013

Loves this!

This is by far the best steth out there! When I was in nursing school, all of the instructors were gazing at this wonderful piece! Two of them even told me that is a really nice one! I got it from my aunt barb as a gift(from a 50yr nurse) as a gift! The sounds are incredible, so crisp and clear! I have the 22 inch one and no problems so far with it...ear pieces are nice for my ears...i purchased a cheap one on here and it hurt my ears soo bad i could hardly stand it! Overall, if you can afford it, buy it!

Nicole C.
Beloit, Wisconsin
January 02, 2011

Not bad!

Just added this infamous Tycos to my collection. I recently came across a research study dealing with the performance of various stethoscopes on the market and this particular model of Welch Allyn was ranked at #6. Which I totally disagree with! I think it is very comparable to the Littmann Cardio 3. However, it is lighter, better looking, and easier to fold into a white coat pocket. The sound quality is very crisp for both low and high frequencies, and can be easily switch to a pediatric chestpiece (for some reason mine did not have all the accessories, so you may want to double check).

August 09, 2010

Only scpoe to own

I choose this scope in school--and have own three more since. Great quality and durability!