Riester Ri-Scope L Set - with Plug In Style Handle

Item #: RI-3750-003
Our Price:$525.98

The Riester Ri-Scope L Set with Plug-in Style Handle features LED / Li-Ion technology. Significantly longer battery service life and LEDs makes these instruments more reliable. The consistent light output of white and bright LEDs leads to a more efficient diagnosis.

Diagnostic set otoscope L2 with LED light 3.5V

  • Bi-Directional Swiveling
  • Sealing Optical Glass with 3-Fold Magnification
  • Suitable for Pneumatics Tests (Supplied without Ball #10960)

Ophthalmoscope L2 with Xenon light 3.5V

  • Diopter Wheel of 29 Corrective Lenses
  • Easy to operate aperture hand-wheel (Semi-Circle, Small/Medium/Large Circle, Fixation Star, and Slit)
  • Filter wheel for all apertures (Symbol Display, Red-Free Filter, Blue Filter and Polarization Filter)
  • Aspherical Condenser Lens, Parallel Beam Path
  • Dust-Proof with a rheotronicĀ® Electronic Switch for Automatic Switch-Off (after 120 seconds)

Riester ri-scopeĀ® L Plug-in handle with rheotronic for 2 Li batteries

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