American Diagnostic Corporation Lightweight Stethoscope

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ADC Adscope-Lite 609 Lightweight Double-Sided Stethoscope

Item #: ADC-609---
Sale Price: $17.08
The ADSCOPE-Lite is the only affordably priced stethoscope to combine superior acoustic response with a super lightweight design. Features: Combination adult chestpiece precisely machined to exacting tolerances from lightweight aluminum allows the 609 to be remarkably durable, yet extraordinarily comfortable Extra-large 1 3/8"diameter bell High sensitivity 1 3/4" diaphragm Non-chill bell and diaphragm retaining rim for patient comfort Double-leaf internal ...

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ADC Adimal Pediatric Adscope Stethoscope

Item #: ADC-618---
Sale Price: $38.93
This pediatric stethoscope features Adjustable Frequency Design (AFD) Technology. AFD Technology allows the diaphragm to detect a much wider range of frequencies simply by altering pressure. Swap out the many molded-resing animal faces to keep young patients happy and at-ease. Pediatric stethoscope with distinctive, snap-on molded-resin animal-faces Chestpiece has a multi-frequency design that switches between bell-like low frequency and diaphragm-like ...

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ADC Proscope 670 Dual Head Stethoscope

Item #: ADC-670---
Sale Price: $7.18
ADC Proscope combine lightweight comfort, sensitive acoustics, and handsome styling, with truly affordable pricing. Combination diaphragm/bell chestpiece for wide frequency response. Diaphragm diameter 1 3/4", bell diameter 3/4". Non-chill bell ring and diaphragm for patient comfort. Weighs 3.5 oz./Overall length 32.5". The Proscope Series also features: Combination (670 series) chestpiece Lightweight aluminum chestpiece construction Non-chill diaphragm rim for patient comfort ...

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ADC Dual Head Stethoscope & Accessories Nurse Combo Kit

Item #: ADC-116-67
Sale Price: $16.18
This ADC Nurse Combo-Lite Kit includes: Pocket Pal II nylon pocket organizer (#216", 5+" Lister bandage scissor, three-color pen, ADLITE disposable penlight, Proscope 670 dual-head stethoscope with lightweight aluminum construction and 22" PVC Tubingcolor-coordinated to the hook-and-loop fastener tags. Pocket Pal II nylon pocket organizer (#216): made of washable white nylon, five slide-in and one covered pocket in front, one ...
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