Cardionics Electronic Stethoscope

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Cardionics Amplified For The Hard Of Hearing And Hearing Impaired Electronic Stethoscope

Item #: ca718712x0405
Sale Price: $332.48
The Cardionics Electronic Stethoscope for the hard of hearing and hearing impaired is designed to be worn on the belt or lab coat. Delivers improved sound quality making physical diagnosis faster and easier. Amplifies heart breath and bowel sounds or Korotkoff sounds without amplifying outside noise. Can also be used in a stress test situation on a treadmill. This product ...

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Cardionics E-Scope EMS Electronic Stethoscope

Item #: ca7187800
Sale Price: $505.38
The E-Scope EMS Electronic Stethoscope allows the listener to hear soft breath sounds in a noisy environment such as an ambulance air ambulance or emergency room. A padded seal and insulation inside the headphones significantly reduce outside noise. Ear pads provide cushioned comfort for long-term use. Carrying case included Single Head Electronic Cardiology Stethoscope Aviation style headphones Volume control at ...

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Cardionics The E-Scope II Electronic Stethoscope

Item #: ca718712x
Sale Price: $313.48
The E-Scope II Electronic Stethoscope withstands daily abuse and delivers drastically improved sound quality making physical diagnosis faster and easier. Sounds produced are pure and clean and murmurs and faint blows become easily distinguishable. It can also be used in a treadmill stress test. The slim-line design with volume and filter controls on the head allows it to be draped ...
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