Cherokee Womens Lanyard


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Clearance Cherokee Women's Cure All Cancers Lanyard

Clearance Price: $12.00
This handy lanyard from Cherokee features a retractable badge reel on a soft lanyard with a breakaway connection. It features a lovely "Cure All" Cancer Awareness design. Lanyard with badge reel Cancer Awareness design Breakaway design Clear snap fastener

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Clearance Boojee Beads by Cherokee Women's Glitter Lanyard

Clearance Price: $17.00
Are you a great worker wIt'serious stick-to-it-ness and a fun side? Then the Silver Glitter Lanyard looks like a perfect match! The no-mess glitter will seriously stick to the lanyard, and the bright silver color provides a fun, sparkly complement to every outfit. It???s the best of both worlds! Breakaway safety clasp Lobster claw hook to hold ID, keys and ...

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Cherokee Women's Bling Id/Eye Glass Lanyard

Item #: CK-CMCL---
Sale Price: $22.98
Pick your bling! This handy and stylish lanyard will keep your ID and eyeglasses where you need them while making a fashion statement. Breakaway clasp.
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