Prestige Medical Frosted Stethoscope

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Prestige Medical Clearsound Heart Stethoscope

Item #: PM-S107H--
Sale Price: $39.98
As with our standard Clear Sound stethoscope, this features ultra-sensitive acoustics for use through bandages or clothing with an accurate assessment through up to 10 layers of terry cloth towel! The Heart-Shaped head is manufactured from high impact shatter resistant acrylic resin. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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Prestige Medical Ultra-Sensitive Dualhead Latex Free Stethoscope

Item #: PM-S125---
Sale Price: $13.98
This latext free stethoscope from Prestige Medical has a traditional dualhead design with an ultra-sensitive random fiber diaphragm and chrome-plated zinc alloy and brass chestpiece. Thick-walled tubing provides precise sound delivery. Great for the professional who expects performance and reliability at an affordable price. Lifetime limited warranty. Dualhead stethoscope Latex free Chrome-plated brass and zinc chestpiece 40 gram thick-walled tubing ...

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Prestige Medical Pediatric Dual Head Stethoscope

Item #: PM-S108P--
Sale Price: $14.98
This traditional dual head stethoscope from Prestige Medical is designed to provide precise acoustics when used with children. It has soft PVC eartips li Pediatric dual head stethoscope Soft PVC eartips Overall Length: Appx. 31.5" Weight: Appx. 3.5 oz Handmade craftsmanship Lifetime warranty from Prestige Medical ul

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Prestige Medical Clinical I Stethoscope

Item #: PM-126----OP1
Sale Price: $44.98
High performance and outstanding acoustics are the hallmark of the Clinical I stethoscope from Prestige Medial. The chestpiece and binaurals are made of stainless steel, the most effective sound conducting metal available. The extra thick-walled tubing with an inside alloy sound conductor assures crisp sound. It includes two sizes of eartips which seal out extraneous noise while providing superior comfort. ...

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Prestige Medical Clear Sound Stethoscope

Item #: PM-S107---
Sale Price: $42.98
From Prestige Medical, this scope features ultra-sensitive acoustics for use through bandages or clothing. Accurate through up to 10 layers of terrycloth towels. Head manufactured from high-impact, shatter-resistant acrylic resin. Lifetime limited warranty. Ultra-sensitive acoustics Accurate through up to 10 layers of terrycloth towels High-impact, shatter-resistant acrylic resin Available in a variety of cool colors, also diamond-shaped head, Betty Boop, ...

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Prestige Medical Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

Item #: PM-122----
Sale Price: $24.98
The Sprague-Rappaport stethoscope from Prestige Medical has a five-in-one design. It's no wonder it's the most widely used stethoscope in the healthcare industry. It comes with a set of interchangeable parts to customize to the user's needs. Features dual 22" PVC tubing for clear sound transmission and threaded soft eartips. This stethoscope is designed to last, with a chestpiece made ...
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