Professional Stethoscope

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Welch Allyn 5079 Tycos Latex Free Spectrum Dual Head Stethoscope

Item #: ty5079sptrmdha
Sale Price: $144.98
This single-lumen Welch Allyn 5079 Tycos Latex Free Spectrum Dual Head Stethoscope is comfortable and lightweight. The full-range Professional Stethoscope is for professionals who demand the best in auscultation and comfort. Superior acoustics mean accurate auscultation of heart lung and blood pressure sounds. Meets all diagnostic needs from detecting Korotkoff sounds of blood pressure to analyzing the most subtle heart ...

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3M Littmann Classic II Pediatric 28" Stethoscope

Item #: litman
Sale Price: $87.98
The 3M™ Littmann® Classic II Pediatric stethoscope is designed for long-lasting durability. It features a one-inch bell for an easier chest wall seal stainless steel chest piece optimally sized for pediatric auscultation and a small diaphragm that conforms to the contours of pediatric bodies. Designed to maximize the comfort of both patient and professional. Three-year warranty. Dual Head Stethoscope Snap-tight ...

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Prestige Medical Ultra-Sensitive Dualhead Latex Free Stethoscope

Item #: pms1125
Sale Price: $17.98
This latext free stethoscope from Prestige Medical has a traditional dualhead design with an ultra-sensitive random fiber diaphragm and chrome-plated zinc alloy and brass chestpiece. Thick-walled tubing provides precise sound delivery. Great for the professional who expects performance and reliability at an affordable price. Lifetime limited warranty. Dual head stethoscope Latex free Chrome-plated brass and zinc chestpiece 40 gram thick-walled ...

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Prestige Medical 22K Gold-Plated Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

Item #: pm122g
Sale Price: $40.98
The traditional Sprague styling is enhanced with 22 Karat Gold plating and threaded soft eartips. An excellent choice for the fashion conscious professional. Black only. Sprague-Rappaport Dual Head stethoscope Five-in-one design Interchangeable parts Dual thick-walled 22" PVC tubing Threaded soft eartips 22k Goldplated zinc alloy chestpiece 22k Gold binaurals Lifetime limited warranty and lifetime replacement parts Accessory pouch includes: soft ...

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Prestige Medical Clinical Sprague Stethoscope

Item #: pm120
Sale Price: $49.98
The Clinical Sprague features a classic design emulating the original Rappaport Sprague. This five-in-one stethoscope features dual 16" PVC tubing for superior sound transmission. Technologically advanced Latex eartips provide a comfortable fit for the professional while the Comfort Touch Technology Bell delivers a pleasant experience for the patient. The diaphragm & drum configuration have been enhanced to optimize sound conductivity. ...

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SantaMedical Aneroid Momanometer with Stethoscope

Item #: gusps120
Sale Price: $29.98
The SantaMedical Aneroid Momanometer with Stethoscope is a complete diagnostic kit. High-quality and even higher standards make this kit a staple for any medical professional. SantaMedical Aneroid Momanometer with Stethoscope 300mmHg no-pin-stop aneroid manometer Precision crafted exceeds industry standards of accuracy 2-tube adult sized bladder Black nylon cuff Latex-free Single head stethoscope Includes vinyl zippered carrying case Fits arm circumferences ...
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