Welch Allyn Ear Wash System Model 29350E-ID

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Designed with safety in mind, the Welch Allyn ear wash system includes several built-in features that reduce side effects associated with other ear irrigation devices including vertigo, nausea, deeper cerumen impaction, perforated eardrums, and other tympanic membrane damage.

Hydrovac Action proprietary technology features simultaneous irrigation and suction capabilIt's, which means all discharge is directed away from you and the patient. Easy-to-control monitor suction, water temperature, and pressure levels. Includes over ten feet of clear, heavy-duty plastic Tubingthat lets you position the patient almost anywhere in the room.

  • Ear wash system
  • Allows simultaneous irrigation and suction
  • Easy-to-control monitor suction, water temperature, and pressure level
  • Includes 10 feet of heavy-duty plastic Tubing
July 05, 2010
Welch Allen earwax removal system

As a registered nurse, i have used this system in the facility I work and it is an excellent product. Pt""s verbalized their ability to hear once the wax comes out. Often times pt's feel a slight pop and then suddenly begin to hear again. The water temperature detector prevents water from irrigating too hot or too cold. The system will not irrigate until the water is properly adjusted. I haven't heard any complaints from pt's and I wish I could afford one for myself. Well worth the money.

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