KardiaMobile 6-Lead Wireless EKG

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Monitor your heart rate and record a greater range of cardiovascular data than ever before with the AliveCor KardiaMobile 6-Lead Wireless EKG. An impeccable tool for both doctors and patients alike, this device offers an unprecedented range of tests that can be recorded painlessly in 30 second intervals. Take back control over your cardiovascular health with the ultimate portable, handheld diagnostic.
  • No chords or gels needed
  • Detects: AFib, Bradycardia, Tachycardia & normal heart rhythms
  • Delivers EKG leads: I, II, III, aVL, aVR and aVF
  • Capture and visualize medical-grade EKG data in 30 seconds
  • 2 Upper electrodes for fingers
  • 1 Bottom electrode for left leg, knee or ankle
  • All 3 electrodes to be used together for accurate reading
  • Must be sitting to record
  • Great for personal, at-home use or remote monitoring
  • Mobile EKG and algorithms with 98% sensitivity and 97% specificity for instant detection of AF
  • Provides doctor visibility into leading indicators of cardiovascular disease
  • Single-lead rhythm strip comparable to Lead 1 of standard EKG machines
  • Most clinically-validated mobile EKG solution available
  • 3V CR2016 coin cell battery
  • AliveCor is HIPAA compliant
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Basic app service included
  • Must select 6-Lead mode when using app
  • Phone not included
  • Heart Health Journal that integrates with Google Fit or Apple Health Apps
  • Compatible with iOs iPhones: 5 through 12, plus iPod Touch 7th Gen, iPad Air, Pro and Mini
  • Andriod Devices: Samsung Galaxy S5-S10, Samsung notebooks 5-10, LG Nexus 5, HTC One, Google Pixel and Pixel XL 1-5
  • State and record symptoms while taking EKG's
  • Store your most recent EKG recording and analysis
  • Track EKG recordings and interpretations between doctor visits
  • Track multiple risk factors (EKG, blood pressure, activity and weight) in a single platform
  • Capture heart rate and symptoms such as irregular heartbeat, Atrial fibrillation and more
  • Create a personal heart profile with artificial intelligence technology
Premium Service
  • Unlock comprehensive control over your heart health with a 30-day trial
  • Monthly mailed summary report of all the EKG's taken in a 30 day period
  • Manufacturer replaces lost, stolen or broken EKG devices for only $19.99
  • Unlimited EKG cloud storage and history
  • Weight tracking and medication information
  • Reminders to take specific prescribed medication at your doctor's recommended times
  • Track medication history
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