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caregiver holding the hand of an elderly patient

How to Become a Caregiver

Discover answers to all your caregiving FAQS, including what a caregiver does, how to become a certified caregiver and how much caregivers make.

three healthcare workers sitting together using tablet

Nurse Recruitment: 7 Tips to Hire Top Talent

Discover seven of the top nurse recruiting strategies, from asking for referrals to fighting toxic bullying culture and scoping out the competition.

smiling entry level healthcare worker standing with colleagues

6 Entry-Level Healthcare Jobs to Kick-Start Your Career

Discover six entry-level healthcare jobs that have minimal educational requirements, including home health aides, medical billers and medical coders.

female doctor in white lab coat measuring waist

Slimming Scrubs

Discover the five steps to help you choose figure-flattering scrubs. We discuss sizing, color palettes & three of our favorite scrub tops for every shape and size.

nursing assistant sitting with elderly patient

What is a Nursing Assistant?

Discover what a nursing assistant is and get answers to all your nursing FAQs, including how to become one and how much they make.

infinity by cherokee fly athletic work shoe for men

6 of the Best Shoes for Doctors

In the market for new shoes? Discover six of the best shoes for doctors and nurses, including the ever-popular Dansko nursing clogs.

eon solid scrub top

Best Scrubs for Sweating: 8 Moisture- Wicking Scrubs

Say goodbye to getting overheated with eight of our favorite scrubs for sweating. Discover the best brands for moisture-wicking scrubs.

betsey johnson by koi orchid hippie snake print top

A Beginner’s Guide to Designer Scrubs

Discover everything you need to know about upgrading your workwear to premium scrubs. Find nine of our favorite designer scrub brands here.

medical box and money on scale

8 of the Highest Paying Jobs for Nurses

Discover eight of the highest paying jobs for nurses and their annual salaries, including Chief Nursing Officers and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists.

infinity by cherokee princess seam 40" lab coat

6 Stylish Lab Coats for Students, Doctors and Nurses

Discover six of our most stylish lab coats from popular brands such as Grey’s Anatomy, White Cross, Adar, META Labwear and more.


Nurse Practitioner vs. Doctor: 6 Key Differences

Discover the important differences between nurse practitioners vs. doctors, including prescribing power, required education, and salary.

doctors operating on patient

What Does A Physician Assistant Do?

Discover answers to all your physician assistant FAQs, including what a physician assistant does, how to become a physician assistant, and more.

female dental assistant with patient

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Become A Dental Assistant

In this FAQ, learn how to become a dental assistant, what it takes to become one, dental assistant salaries and more.

aprn showing file to colleague

The Complete Guide: What is An APRN?

Get answers to all your FAQs about advanced practice registered nurses, including what is an APRN, how much do APRNs make, how to become an APRN, and more.

woman outside wearing koi scrubs

8 Stylish Scrubs to Choose From

Think stylish scrubs are an oxymoron? Think again. Discover 8 fashionable scrub brands that will make you feel fabulous, not frumpy.

vet tech examining dog and cat

How to Become a Vet Tech

Learn how to become a vet tech, typical vet tech duties, how to get a vet tech license, and vet tech salaries in this FAQ.

healthcare worker wearing mask to avoid germs

Infection Control for Healthcare Workers: 7 Ways to Avoid Bringing Germs Home from Work

Discover seven steps medical professionals can take to reduce the chances of bringing coronavirus and other infectious diseases home from the hospital.

mother and baby talking with doctor at hospital

5 Careers in Children’s Hospitals

If you want a career in pediatrics, you’ve got options. Discover five exciting careers in children’s hospitals and how to get started.

two vets examining dog

Vet Tech vs. Vet Assistant - Everything You Need to Know

Discover the differences between a vet tech vs. vet assistant, from salaries to typical daily duties.

female registered nurse smiling

The Complete Guide: How to Become an RN

Get answers to all your registered nursing FAQs, including info on how to become an RN, registered nursing programs, and RN salaries.

pediatric nurse checking on young patient in bed

What Does a Pediatric Nurse Do?

Get answers to your pediatric nursing FAQs, including what pediatric nurses do on the job and how to become a pediatric nurse.

dental hygienist examining child at dentist office

How to Become a Dental Hygienist

Discover how to become a dental hygienist- how long it takes, how much money they make, and the daily duties dental hygienists perform.

two nurses in scrubs looking over paperwork

Medical Assistants vs. Nurses: What’s the Difference?

Learn the difference between a medical assistant vs. a nurse and discover how to enter both of these healthcare professions.

planner with sticky notes for a job interview

Questions to Ask in a Nursing Interview

Discover answers to all your nursing interview FAQs–from what questions to ask in a nursing interview to what clothes you should wear.

alarm clock and wooden blocks that say get out of debt

A Complete Guide to Loan Forgiveness for Nurses

Discover everything you need to know about how nurses can apply for student loan forgiveness programs, including both state and federal program options.

UR nurse filling out paperwork on a desk

Utilization Review: What It Is and How to Get Involved

Discover what utilization review is, how to become a utilization review nurse and a sample of what utilization review looks like.

sonographer working with an ultrasound scanner

How to Become a Sonographer

Get answers to your frequently asked questions about how to become a sonographer–from how much money they make to what hours they work.

hand holding a passport for travel nursinge

International Travel Nursing: FAQs

Get answers to all your international travel nursing questions, from whether your nursing license will transfer to how much money a traveling nurse makes.

smiling medical assistant answering phone

What Does a Medical Assistant Do?

Get answers to 18 medical assistant FAQs in our guide. Discover what a medical assistant does, how much money a medical assistant makes and more.

woman blogging on laptop surrounded by miscellaneous items

8 Best Nursing Blogs

Discover eight of the best nursing blogs you should be reading right now, covering topics from acclimating to your first nursing job to making smart career moves.

Girl hugs bear in doctors waiting room

10 Best Nursing Jobs for Moms

Discover 10 of the best nursing jobs for moms, from school nursing to per diem nursing, and learn how to balance work and family life with expert tips.


How to Clean a Stethoscope in 3 Steps

Cleaning your stethoscope in between patients helps prevent it from carrying bacteria and other germs. Learn how to clean your stethoscope in 3 easy steps.

bright printed compression socks for nurses

6 Best Compression Socks for Nurses

Discover the best brands that make compression socks for nurses and how compression socks help relieve tired, aching legs.

Female student nurse shows resume

Nursing Student Resume: Examples and What to Include

Drafting a nursing student résumé when you don’t have real experience yet can be tough. Read a sample résumé and discover 12 steps to create your own.

Patient receives IM injection

How to Give an IM Injection in 10 Steps

Learn how to give an IM injection in just 10 steps, as well as how to choose between the three main intramuscular injection sites.

Nurse cleans patient hand

How to Give a Bed Bath: Step-by-Step Guide

Discover how to give a bed bath like a pro in five simple steps, as well as the supplies you need and how to prepare your patient.

medical professionals running tests on female patient

LPN vs. RN: What’s the Difference?

Wondering about the difference between LPN vs. RN? Compare these two nursing jobs on 8 major factors, including licensing and earning potential.

closeup of nurse inserting needle into patient arm

How to Draw Blood: The Ultimate Guide

While many hospitals have their own dedicated phlebotomy teams, drawing blood is a critical skill for any nurse to have. Discover how to draw blood, where nurses learn venipuncture, the history of phlebotomy and more.

Female nurse holds white nursing shoes

Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses

Discover our six favorite brands of tennis shoes for nurses, including Nurse Mates, Cherokee and Dansko (yes, they make more than clogs!).

Female nurse types on computer keyboard

Free Continuing Education for Nurses: 7 Free Online CEUs

Most states require nurses to earn additional contact hours every 2 years. Discover websites that offer free continuing education for nurses.

female nurse pointing at a world map

8 Steps to Become a Travel Nurse

Being a travel nurse can be a very fulfilling and dynamic career. Find out how to become a travel nurse–from finding an agency to practicing for interviews.

Nurse holding mobile phone

8 Fun and Educational Nurse Games

Discover eight of our favorite games for nurses, from a free ECG simulation to a smartphone app that will quiz you about hundreds of cases.

Male physician wears ciel blue scrub top

18 of the Best Scrubs for Doctors

Are you a physician shopping for scrubs? Discover 18 of our favorite scrubs for doctors, from Adar Medical to Zoe and Chloe.

Doctor wearing white coat

Answering Your White Coat Ceremony FAQs

White coat ceremonies symbolize the beginning of a medical student’s journey to becoming a physician. Discover answers to your most frequently asked questions about white coat ceremonies, from what oath students take to whether or not nurses get a ceremony, too.

Female nurse wears stretch scrubs

Scrubs with Stretch: The New Medical Must-Haves

Stretch scrubs flex and move with you during a long shift on your feet. But with so many options out there, which brand should you go with? Discover our customers’ eight favorite stretch scrubs collections, including Cherokee, Dickies and Jockey.

dental hygienist wearing clogs

Best Shoes for Standing All Day

Nurses spend 12 hours on their feet at a time, so comfortable, supportive shoes are absolutely vital to their foot health and well-being. Discover six of our favorite shoes for standing all day, from Dansko to Sanita to Klogs shoes.

Doctor wearing grey underscrubs

What to Wear Under Scrubs: The Ultimate Guide

Wondering what to wear under scrubs, or if you’re even allowed to layer in the first place? From t-shirts to underwear to scrubs jackets, discover everything you need to know about layering your nursing uniform like a pro.

Person using KardiaMobile EKG monitor

KardiaMobile: Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile EKG Monitors

Mobile EKG devices like the KardiaMobile help patients measure their heart’s activity at home and spot potential problems such as atrial fibrillation. Discover the answers to 11 of the most frequently asked questions about the KardiaMobile and checking for AFib at home.

Women checking medical thermometer temperature reading

How to Choose the Best Medical Thermometer

A medical thermometer seems like a simple purchase, until you realize there are literally dozens of models on the market. Discover the six main types of medical thermometers and which one you should buy.

Female nurse wears ciel blue scrubs

Types of Nurses: All Nursing Titles and Rankings You Need to Know

LPN, RN, APRN, DONS, CNO. What do all these nursing titles mean, and who reports to whom? Learn what 25 of the most common nursing titles mean and how they relate to each other in the hierarchy.

Nurse wearing blue Tooniforms scrubs

Tooniforms: 8 Fun and Festive Scrub Prints

Tooniforms takes your favorite animated cartoon characters and transforms them into fun scrub prints. Learn more about Cherokee Uniforms, the company that makes Tooniforms, and discover our favorite Tooniforms collections.

Female and male health care providers wearing flattering scrubs

Most Flattering Scrubs: Ulitmate Scrubs Fit Guide

Explore the allheart scrubs fit guide to learn how to choose the most flattering scrubs for your body type and preferences.

Nurse putting on Dansko shoes

Why Do Nurses Love Dansko Shoes?

Learn why nurses love their expansive collection of comfortable, durable clogs and shoes.

Smiling nurse wearing a burgundy Littmann stethoscope

How to Choose the Best Stethoscope for You

Explore the allheart stethoscope buyer's guide to discover which stethoscope is best for your role, budget and personal needs.


History of the Otoscope

Get a history lesson on the otoscope and to discover how this essential medical device has transformed over time.

Nurses wearing purple Barco scrubs

Barco Uniforms: Stylish Scrubs to Classic Lab Coats

Learn why we love Barco Uniforms and discover what the brand has to offer at, including trendy Grey’s Anatomy™ scrubs and more.

Woman wearing printed compression socks

Beyond Compression Socks: A Nurse's Guide to Leg and Foot Self-Care

Learn the best ways to care for your legs and feet as a nurse through compression socks, comfortable shoes and self-care tips.

Several Nurse Mates women's clogs

Nurse Mates Shoes – Advanced Technology for All Day Comfort

Find your dream pair of nursing shoes and comfortable nursing apparel by Nurse Mates at, where we have a wide variety of Nurse Mates clogs, sneakers, slip-on nursing shoes and so much more.

First responders treating a head injury

10 Times Nurses Answered the Call in 2017 Disaster Relief

Discover how nurses jumped into action following a string of natural disasters in 2017. Brave nurses from around the world were the first in line to aid in Houston, Puerto Rico, Houston, Bangladesh and beyond.

Man wearing pulse oximeter showing oxygen saturation percentage

What is the Best Pulse Oximeter to Buy? –

Reference allheart’s in-depth pulse oximeter buyer’s guide to learn which style is right for your needs and budget. We’ll cover the best pulse oximeters for nurses, respiratory therapists, pediatricians, sleep specialists and more.

Surgeons washing hands before surgery

How Do Antimicrobial Scrubs Work? The Future in Scrub Fabric Technology

Explore the science behind antimicrobial scrubs with allheart and learn more about scrub brands that feature antimicrobial technology.


How to Wash Scrubs and Lab Coats Like a Pro

Are you shortening the life of your medical uniform? Learn how to wash scrubs and lab coats perfectly without spending hours doing laundry.

Wrapped graduation gift with a silver bow

Medical School Graduation Gifts that Suit Your Grad’s Personality

Find the perfect gift for medical school grads with our med school graduation gift guide.

Embroidery machine adding embroidered logo to custom scrubs

Embroidery and Emblems for Custom Scrubs

Not only can you choose the fit and color of your scrubs, you can also customize them further with embroidery and emblems at Learn what products besides scrubs can be customized this way, and what design options are available for both embroidery and emblems.

Nurses holding up gifts for Nurses Week

Gifts for Nurses: Top Picks for Nurses Week

National Nurses Week is May 6 through 12, making this the perfect time of year to celebrate the nurse in your life. Visit for several great gift ideas, from special scrubs to compression socks and more.

Female nurse wearing a black nursing back on shoulder

Nursing Bag Technique: Step-by-Step Guide

There are two important parts to any nursing bag technique: stocking it with the right items and disinfecting it to prevent the spread of infections. Visit to discover some essential items you should always have in your nursing bag, plus a step-by-step guide to thoroughly disinfect your bag after visits.

Women's uniform with personalized embroidery

Stethoscope Charms and Seven More Ways to Personalize Your Uniform

Nurses must wear scrubs to work—but beyond that, there are many options for personalization. Discover eight ways you can customize your medical uniform that are both hospital- and nurse-approved, from stethoscope charms to colorful compression socks.

Doctor wearing red awareness ribbon touching patient's hand

Awareness Ribbons Guide: Colors and Meanings

New awareness ribbons are being created every day, and the many different causes total in the hundreds. Learn a brief history of awareness ribbons, different ways to show support and which causes each ribbon color represents.

Female and male surgeons wearing surgical uniforms in operating room

Medical Uniforms Through Time

From the 1800s onward, medical uniforms evolved alongside the medical field itself, and classic scrubs are only about 50 years old. From regular clothing to butchers’ aprons to white dresses to green scrubs, discover the history of medical uniforms.

Women's lace up athletic shoe

Breathable Shoes: Tips to Avoid Sweaty Feet -

Sweaty feet can be annoying and even smelly, especially during long nursing shifts. Even though you’re on your feet all day and must wear specific scrubs and shoes, there are still plenty of changes you can make to reduce feet sweat. Check out our nine tips for fighting sweaty feet.


Sphygmomanometers: The Original Blood Pressure Device

Sphygmomanometers, better known as blood pressure monitors, come in many different types. Learn about the difference between manual and automatic blood pressure models, how to use a sphygmomanometer and the history behind this important medical device.

Woman on bed touching injured foot

Can Plantar Fasciitis Socks Relieve Heel Pain?

Plantar fasciitis (heel and arch pain) is a common complaint among nurses and other professionals who spend all day on their feet. Find out the causes of plantar fasciitis as well as seven at-home remedies to try, from plantar fasciitis socks to stretching exercises.

Pregnant nurse touching belly in hospital

Nurse Life Tips: Working Smart During Pregnancy

Both working as a nurse and carrying a baby are demanding jobs — and working as a nurse while pregnant can be even more challenging. Follow these 22 tips to ensure a safe and comfortable pregnancy while you keep working as a nurse.

Side view of coiled medical gait belt

Nursing Skills: How to Properly Use a Gait Belt

A gait belt is a simple but incredibly effective tool that helps patients with limited mobility sit, stand, and walk. Discover what a gait belt is, when it’s appropriate to use one and how to move and transfer patients using a gait belt.

Female nurse checking wristwatch

Top Nine Everyday Nursing Supplies

Sometimes the basics really are the best, especially when it comes to nursing supplies. Discover the nine essential items that every nurse needs to keep on hand to take care of patients.

Female surgeon putting on surgical exam gloves

Tips for Choosing the Right Exam Gloves

Exam gloves are simple to make, but that doesn’t mean buying them is equally straightforward. Should you get sterile or non-sterile, exam-style or surgical-style? Which material should you chose? Find out everything you need to know about choosing the right exam gloves for your clinical setting.

Smiling female nurse holding clipboard in hospital

Nursing Student Essentials: 18 Must-Have Supplies

As you prepare to start nursing school for the first time, it can be hard to keep track of all the items you need. Use this list of 18 essential nursing student supplies to ensure that you’ve bought everything before the first day of class, from textbooks and backpacks to scrubs and stethoscopes.

Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscope chestpiece

The 3M™ Littmann® Cardiology IV™ Stethoscope: Why it’s the New Go-To

3M Littmann released the Cardiology IV, and it’s setting the new standard in stethoscopes with improved performance, durability and design. Discover four reasons why the Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope is the perfect choice for your next stethoscope.


14 Must-Have Electronic Nursing Supplies

Classic nursing supplies such as stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors and thermometers have been brought into the digital age with the rise of technology. Discover 14 electronic nursing supplies that are making nurses’ lives easier today.


Landau Scrubs: Our 7 Favorite Collections

Landau has been making fashion-forward medical uniforms for more than 50 years without losing its edge. Discover our seven favorite collections from Landau scrubs and find out why nurses keep coming back to this company’s products.


Cherokee Uniforms: Why Nurses Rate These Scrubs #1

Cherokee Uniforms is the industry standard in scrubs, and there’s a reason why nurses love the brand’s products so much. From a history of innovation to the wide range of styles and sizes, discover eight reasons why nurses keep buying Cherokee scrubs.


How to Care for Nursing Shoes

Nurses can walk several miles in a single shift, so their shoes can wear down quickly. Follow these seven tips to keep your nursing shoes clean and good-looking for as long as you possibly can.

Welch Allyn Full diagnostic set against a white background

A Guide to Building Your Own Diagnostic Set

A diagnostic set consists of an ophthalmoscope and otoscope and is used to examine the ears, eyes and throat. While the basics of each set are the same, there are dozens of individual instruments available. Discover everything you need to know about building your own diagnostic set at allheart.

EMS professionals giving first aid to an unconscious woman

10 Must-Have EMS Supplies for Paramedics

Because they work out of an ambulance rather than a hospital, EMS professionals need to carry a lot of gear to make sure they are prepared for any eventuality. Discover the 10 EMS supplies every paramedic must carry.

Colorful fabric palette

The Ultimate Guide to Scrub Fabric

Cotton or polyester, poplin or twill weave—how to decide on the best scrub fabric for you? In this guide, we break down everything that nurses need to know about scrub fabric, including fibers, weaves and treatments.

Woman’s hands holding a white paper house with the Red Cross symbol

10 Items for Your Home Health Nursing Bag

Home health aides have to carry everything they need with them, since they can’t visit the hospital supply closet down the hall when they forget something. Discover the 10 items every aide should pack in their home health nursing bag.

Female nurse wearing a colorful backpack

Be a Scrubinista: 7 Tips for a Stylish Look in Scrubs

While you have to wear scrubs to your nursing shift, you don’t have to look or feel unfashionable in them. Follow these seven tips for choosing and wearing stylish scrubs, from selecting the right size to personalizing them with embroidery.

Happy nurses posing in colorful Jockey® scrubs

Why Jockey® Scrubs Are Ridiculously Comfortable

Jockey® is most well-known for manufacturing underwear, but it also makes scrubs that are just as comfortable as the brand’s underwear. Discover the four collections of Jockey® scrubs and find out more about the brand’s comfort guarantee.

allheart pic

The 12 Most Influential Nurses of 2018

While others like to count down their favorite movies or music albums from the past year, we want to celebrate some of the most inspirational nurses from 2018. Discover these 12 great nurses and the wonderful work they are doing, from coordinating hurricane relief efforts to helping homeless veterans.

Woman wearing stylish compression socks and nursing shoes

Which Level of Compression Socks Do I Need?

Nurses know that they should wear compression socks to help combat circulation issues that can result from being on their feet all day. Discover the five main levels of medical compression socks as well as the conditions that each can help prevent or treat.

Female nurse wearing colorful clogs

6 Benefits of Slip-Resistant Shoes for Nurses

Thousands of people fall in hospitals every year, and nurses definitely don’t want to be a part of this statistic. Discover six reasons you should be wearing slip-resistant shoes to work, from safety to durability to comfort.

Medical workers wearing variety of scrub pants

6 Tips for Choosing Women’s Scrub Pants

Choosing scrub pants that look and feel great can be a chore—but it doesn’t have to be. Read our handy guide and discover the six steps to choosing the perfect women’s uniform pants for your job.

Coffee and newspaper on wooden table shown from above

The Year’s Top Newsworthy Moments in Nursing

Looking back on the past year, we’re blown away by the amazing work that nurses have done. To celebrate the end of the year, we’ve rounded up a baker’s dozen of top nursing news stories from 2018. Brush up on the news of the past year or discover great nursing stories that you missed.

Female nurse wearing blue scrub pants and floral compression socks

The Right Way to Wear Compression Socks

So you want to wear medical compression socks but which style should you choose and when should you wear them? Discover the answers to the six most frequently asked questions about wearing medical compression socks.

Doctor wears stethoscope around neck

The Ultimate Guide to Types of Stethoscopes

The many different types of stethoscopes on the market can be confusing to navigate. Don’t they all do the same thing at a basic level? Whether you’re shopping for your first stethoscope or your fiftieth, here’s everything you need know about your options.

Doctor demonstrates hearing aid

Stethoscopes for Hearing Aids: What Are the Options?

Medical professionals with hearing loss often struggle to take accurate readings with a regular stethoscope. Discover stethoscope options for the hearing impaired, from amplified stethoscopes to stethoscopes for hearing aids.

Nurse wears koi scrub top

koi: The Scrubs Nurses Love to Wear

This independently-owned, woman-run brand makes some of the most comfortable and fashionable scrubs we’ve ever tried on. Discover seven reasons why nurses love koi scrubs, from its many lines to its fun accessories.

Dentist wearing surgical mask and scrub cap examines curette

How to Choose the Best Scrub Cap for You

Scrub caps keep hair contained and medical environments sterile. Since the caps are one size fits all, it’s important to make the right decision about what type of scrub hat to buy. Discover the four main types of scrub caps and how to decide on the right one for you.

Stethoscope and blood pressure monitor on desk

Blood Pressure Monitors: Wrist vs. Arm

You’ve told a patient they need to buy a blood pressure monitor to use at home, but which model should they buy? In our handy guide, find out how blood pressure monitors work and why reliability varies between wrist and arm models.

Doctor shines penlight into patient eye

What Is the Best Nursing Penlight to Buy?

Penlights are available in many different models: reusable vs. disposable, plastic vs. metal, pupil gauge vs. no pupil gauge. So which nursing penlight is the best one for you? Discover how to choose the perfect penlight in our ultimate guide.

Male medical professional wearing gray scrubs

Scrubs for Men: Best Brand and Fit Options

There are hundreds of options on the market, so finding the best scrubs for men can be tough. Discover the eight essential steps all men need to know to find the perfect set of scrubs, plus our seven favorite men’s medical uniform brands.

Tired nurse wearing blue scrubs

Safe Patient Handling Techniques and 6 More Ways to Avoid Nursing Injuries

Nurses are at a very high risk for occupational injuries, many of them caused by incorrectly lifting patients and other loads. Discover seven best practices to keep yourself and your patients safe–from using gait belts to wearing non-slip shoes.

Reflex hammer being used on patient

Reflex Hammers: History, Current Use and How to Buy

Reflex hammers are medical instruments used to diagnose the health of the nervous system by testing deep tendon reflexes. Discover the history of the reflex hammer, learn how to use one and find out which style and brand is right for you.