CIRCUL Sleep & Fitness Small Ring Monitor

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Optimize your heart health night and day with the versatile BodiMetrics CIRCUL Sleep & Fitness Small Ring Monitor. Perfect for long term or remote care patients, this non-invasive ring captures your data and allows you to share workout or sleeping data with health care professionals, personal trainers or caregivers of your choice.

  • Comes in 2 adjustable sizes: small and large
  • Pulmonary ring works on any finger
  • Measured heart rate and blood oxygen levels
  • Captures 4 stages of sleep (Awake, Light, Deep & REM)
  • Easy monitoring means peace of mind
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • FDA cleared device for home oximetry
  • Great for using at home to track and identify disease progression
  • Perfect for monitoring sleep apnea or heart disease
  • Ideal for managing cystic fibrosis, pulmonary edema and COPD
  • Patented algorithm
  • Alarm system for low oxygen levels
  • Record sleep patterns and workouts
  • Share data with physician or trainer
  • Captures up to 12 hours of sleep data
  • Displays SpO2%, PR & ODI at 1-2 second intervals
  • CE cleared for Bluetooth compatibility
  • Cell phone not included

2020 Winner of the international Red Dot award for product design