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Marieta H RN

Marieta H. RN

Labor & Delivery in Los Angeles, CA

Why labor and delivery? Because it's the happiest place in the hospital!

Q. What made you want to become a nurse?
A. I already had my two children, and it was my experience as a patient that I wanted to address. I wanted to go into labor and delivery beacause it's the happiest place in the hospital! In most cases the outcomes are very happy, and I love being there.

Q. What experience in your career has had the biggest impact on you?
A. Again being in labor and delivery and being able to be there with a mother and father as they create their family is just something really special. It's a beautiful moment seeing life come into the world and I love being a part of it.

Q. What is the best nursing advice you have received?
A. Being reassured that I am on the right path. If you are a compassionate person, this is the career for you- and it's amazing career to be in!

Q. What was or still is the most important goal you hope to accomplish as a nurse?
A. The one goal I have would be career advancement of course, but I can't do that without continuing to learn how to care more and care better for my patients every day, so I want to just be able to keep doing that.

Q: What's the one item in your wardrobe you can't live without?
A. Comfortable shoes! Nurses are on our feet a lot. I love wearing my Nurse Mates shoes and they're very comfortable but still light.

Q: What scrubs are you wearing right now and how do they feel?
A. I'm wearing allheart Elate scrubs and they're nice and light. I love the color and how the fit embraces my body.

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