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Master Classic II 27" Stethoscope

Item #: LITT-MC2-2
USD 100.99
Sale Price:$100.99
Quantity 12
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SHIPS FREE ON ORDERS $150+ USE CODE 52269 *excludes international orders

3M™ Littmann® Master Classic II Stethoscope offers efficiency in auscultation that is unprecedented in a general examination stethoscope. Its unique "Master" chestpiece lets you monitor low- and high-frequency sounds by simply alternating pressure. It is protected with a hand-polished, scratch-resistant finish. A reinforced double-leaf spring and thick binaural provide extra durability, while still maintaining portability. The 3M Littmann Master Classic II stethoscope provides excellent acoustics in a portable design. Three-year warranty.

  • Single Head Stethoscope
  • Tunable diaphragm alternates between low- and high-frequencies without turning over the chestpiece
  • Lightweight, adjustable-tension headset, and snap-tight soft-sealing eartips
  • Thick, single-lumen tubing provides excellent portability, allowing you to fold the stethoscope easily into your pocket without kinking or breaking.
  • Patient-friendly non-chill rim and diaphragm assembly
  • Personalize the head with your initials or personalize the tubing so your name is visible to patients and co-workers when your stethoscope is hanging around your neck.
  • 27" length
  • Most tubing colors come with chrome eartubes and grey eartips. When the tubing is black, the eartips are black.

Your 3M™ Littmann Stethoscope comes with the Littmann Warranty -- if a material or manufacturing defect occurs during the warranty period, Littmann will repair it for free of charge, except in the cases of obvious abuse or accidental damage. If your warranty has expired, we have replacement parts and accessories here.

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January 01, 2019
Really nice

Bought this for our daughter who is starting nursing school. She loved it! Loved the color (teal) and her initials. She immediately startimed using it on her roommate. It was her favorite gift by far!

December 27, 2018
LPN loved it

Order this stethoscope for my sister, she’s a new nurse in MA. This was a Christmas gift and she cried so much when she saw it ( she loved it). This is her 2nd day so far using her new stethoscope and she called to tell me it’s perfect, clear heartbeats even when her work place is chaotic and loud, she still can hear everything perfectly to get an accurate reading. So I would highly recommend

Boston , Massachusetts
September 25, 2018
3M Littmann Master Classic

Best stethoscope I ever bought !!!!

Louisiana, Louisiana
September 02, 2018
Just What I needed

I just started nursing school and so far it works well. I haven't gotten to use it in a nosy clinical setting yet, but during skills practice, it works pretty well. We'll see how it holds up during my clinicals, but so far I love it.

Midwest City, Oklahoma
October 09, 2016
Great Stethoscope, Just a Little Heavy

Great stethoscope. Definitely a step up from what I had, but just a little heavy on the neck.

New Derry, Pennsylvania
March 31, 2016
Great Stethoscope

This is my second Master Classic II. I am a paramedic and I am not necessarily easy on my scope. It has been dropped and abused. The first one I purchased lasted 6 years. It operates just as expected. I would not have any other brand.

Savannah, Georgia
December 23, 2015
So much better than the cheap issued stethoscope

Purchased one for my daughter who is an EMT working for a commercial ambulance service and a volunteer with our county. I am presently working on my EMT-B and could not hear squat through the issued stethoscopes, so I borrowed my daughter's. The difference is as night is to day. While taking blood pressure, the pulse is like a drum. Heart and chest sounds are so much clearer. I liked it so much, that I bought a second one for myself to carry on the pumper.

Fredericksburg, Virginia
November 16, 2015
I can hear stuff!

I was issued a crappy stethoscope for my EMT-B course. I thought I was an idiot because I could not take a blood pressure. Then an instructor lent me her stethoscope, a Littman Master Classic I and I could not believe the difference. A week later I had my own. Now I can hear stuff, too!

Frederickburg, Virginia
October 23, 2015
Great Stethoscope!

Loved this, I had one before and lost it. This time got my name engraved on it ... totally worth the extra cost and hopefully will keep someone from picking it up thinking that it is theirs.

Rehoboth, Delaware
August 13, 2014
Happy that I upgraded!!!

I got this stethoscope after my Littmann Classic II was stolen at work. The Classic II was pretty decent; I owned it for 4 years. I am thrilled with the Master Classic II. The sound quality is awesome - sharp and clear. I definitely would recommend upgrading to the Master Classic II if someone is in the market for a new steth.

June 20, 2014

This was given as aa graduation gift to my neice, as she graduated from hernurseing class. She said she was happy with it and so today , every one is happy!!!

Tucson, Arizona
February 28, 2014

My stethoscope is awesome. I can actually hear the sounds!!!

Pollock, Louisiana
February 03, 2014

Love my new stethoscope.

Salisbury, North Carolina
January 14, 2014
Littmann master stethoscope

Great littmann master stethoscope ! Will be using it everyday. Great sound!

San Jose , California
January 08, 2014

My brother is a paramedic and this is the stethoscope he uses. I have the Littman Classic S.E II; but after using his Master Classic, I fell IN LOVE with the quality and the amazing sound! Being on the ambulance you have a lot of "extra sounds" which makes hearing heart, lung, and bowel sounds difficult; but with the master classic you can hear and differ between sounds with ease! I just ordered it in purple; I cannot wait until it gets here!

January 08, 2014
Littman Master Classic II Stethoscope

Purchased this for my wife who is an R.N. High quality product at an excellent price.The lettering that was applied was very nice also...a nice touch.Nice product.. NOT happy with the shipping..Why did I pay extra shipping for Fed-Ex to drop it at the local post office instead of my address??? Took 3 extra days to get it because of that..NOT COOL!!!!! My rating.. Product and price 5 stars. Product delivery NEGATIVE 2 stars

Crescent City, Florida
January 05, 2014
Excellent Price and Product

Just purchased the Littman Master Classic for a great price. Been a while since I bought a new scope, very pleased with the service and product for

Monroe Township, New Jersey
December 27, 2013

Absolutely wonderful in all ways (including the price). The engraving is a nice touch on both the scope and tubing, the color subtle. Shipping took a while, but worth the wait. Thank You!

December 19, 2013
Littman stethoscope

received in good condition and well packaged, very happy.

Rochelle, Illinois
October 11, 2013
Classic Master II

The purchase I made was a gift and it was just what she wanted. She states it's working perfectly. Thank you for making such an important piece of equipment reasonable priced. I will purchase items from you in the future.

Saginaw, Michigan
October 10, 2013
She Loved It!!!

Bought for my niece, and she loved it!!! She could here cardiac and bronchial sounds so much clearer.

martinsburg, West Virginia
June 21, 2013

I got my Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope today, fast shipment, I love it..worth the price.Thanks

Greenville, Texas
April 12, 2013
Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope

Excellent product, as always, from Littmann! Shipping was very fast and product in perfect condition when received!

Bridgeport, West Virginia
April 08, 2013
Mom of 3 boys

I have 3 boys who have asthma flare-ups and determining when to treat at home or get medical assistance could be difficult. Had a cheaper stethoscope, but couldn't hear noises the doctor's office could, so I bought this one. Much better quality - I can hear so much better in there! It has already saved us one trip to the doctor when I thought there was distress, but it was standard cold stuff and no sounds of asthma.

Cincinnati, Ohio
February 18, 2013


Three Lakes, Wisconsin
February 04, 2013

This stethoscope has great sound quality! I love Littman stethoscopes! I had one before I bought this one and it lasted me 14yrs!!! I upgraded this time and am very happy with my purchase!

Strasburg, Pennsylvania
January 25, 2013

Feel happy with my purchase and thakfull with the effort of your attendant to have the product ontime as we had some problem with credit card aprroval thank you !

sao paulo, Brazil
January 07, 2013

I purchased this for my son. It was the brand and model he requested.

Norman, Oklahoma
January 04, 2013

Very easy way to go.. no fuss and a good product!

Pleasanton, California
January 02, 2013
Highly recommend it

I bought if for my daughter-in-law who travels to Africa to work in clinics there. She needed an excellent stethoscope that is good when there is a lot of background noise (as it is in Africa). This works great for her. She loves it. I had it engraved with her initials. Turned out beautiful.

Dyer, Indiana
December 31, 2012

Very pleased with the quality of the scope. My daughter was surprised by her name and initials on the scope

durham, New York
December 19, 2012


December 15, 2011
Love it!

Great stethescope at a great price. I would recommend it to anyone who assesses patients regularly and needs a good scope for heart sounds and lung sounds.

December 13, 2011

I can hear loud and clear on this stethoscope. The earpiece blocks almost all outside sounds out.

December 13, 2011
Great Quality.

Very happy with this purchase. Sound quality is perfect.

October 25, 2011

I love this so much better than the cheap one I had. I can hear so much better! I added the name and it does add a special touch and security because it wont come off.

October 25, 2011

I bought this same model in Nursing school. Unfortunately it was stolen at a clinical site right before graduation. No doubt because it is awesome an awesome stethoscope. I surely missed the clarity compared with any other lower end stethoscope.The weight of the end is a bit on the heavy side but the sound is very clear. I found I had to be careful when leaning over babies. This was easily fixed by having the end higher when around the neck. The weight ensures it wont fall off. If your considering another model especially the light weight I would personally pay a little more for a higher quality one as you may end up buying it down the road anyways. Make the investment and go with this one.

October 09, 2011
Great Quality

Great value for the money. I can hear high and low pitch sounds well. However, the earpieces are uncomfortable if you have small ears.

October 07, 2011

The stethoscope arrived quickly and in good condition, it's functioning well, love the color (pine green), I'm glad I bought it!

September 14, 2011
love it

comfortable with the earsable to hear welllightweight enough for around the neck

September 03, 2011

i had this one and the lightweight II and this is a bit heavier, but sounds are more clear. I work mostly with older adults, half whom are obese, so this is great!

September 03, 2011

I have had my steth for 5 years, I love it! I have a bilateral hearing loss from measles as an infant. This steth helps me hear what non-hearing impaired coworkers cannot with their lesser steths. The quality speaks for itself, and the components are still like new.

August 26, 2011
I love it!

My stethescope is now the most unique in my class. I love the purple and my personalized name on the tube looks great! :)

July 19, 2011

Got this stethoscope for nursing school and couldn't be more happier with my decision. Worth every penny!!! Sound quality is top notch and the appearance is next to none! I got the all black edition which is so sleek and elegant looking. Received many compliments and have not had any problems whatsoever using in clinicals!!! GET THIS ONE!!!

June 25, 2011
great price

well received gift for new doctor

June 20, 2011
great stethoscope

Great first pair of ears!

June 20, 2011
Great Stethoscope

Arrived quickly with beautiful quality engraving

June 20, 2011
Great stethoscope

High quality stethoscope and got a great price on it. Also included the personalization which is convenient. Good sound quality. User friendly that the diaphragm and bell are all-in-one by adjusting the pressure.

June 19, 2011
great buy

Made this purchase for nursing school. After sampling various steth. of other students and instructors decided on the Master Classic II from Littmann. My advice to other students on tight budget...listen through several other steths and talk to people. I did. I know I could have a bought a cheaper Littmann but after discovering that students who did were now buying a ""better"" one from which they could hear better. I am quite satisfied with this Littmann.

June 19, 2011

Thank you so very much for getting the stethoscope to me in a timely manner. I feel that service this great is far & few between. It made my week!

June 19, 2011
Great Buy

No problem, great for nursing school and clinicals!

June 19, 2011

just right for everyday use

June 19, 2011

The experience was great. The ease or ordering and the timely delivery made this a great experience. This was a gift for my daughter who will be nursing graduate in the spring. She was thrilled with the gift!!

June 10, 2011

This model has a light weight feature that I prefer. It can be worn all day without feeling like a heavy weight. The acoustics are very good for daily clinical use.

June 10, 2011

Great product. It arrived quickly.

May 28, 2011
Super amplification!!!

Our purpose for this stethoscope was a bit out of the norm. We run a ferret sanctuary, & needed to hear tiny little hearts & lungs. We have five stethoscopes here, and this one is my favorite.I like not having to turn the chest piece over to hear the highs & lows. I feel that if the sound is so loud & clear when listening to a 1 1/2- 3lb. animal, it would certainly out perform most others, when listening to a human.

May 28, 2011
Great Value

I am a Respiratory Care student and am partially deaf. Our instructors suggested we purchase a Littmann when we purchased our stethscope. I read other reviews and several stated this model is good for people with some hearing loss, and they were correct. There is no comparrison to some others I sampled. I am happy I purchased this model and brand.

May 26, 2011
Satisfied customer

Fast service and delivery- even during the holiday season. Will definitely use again in the future.

May 25, 2011
A great investment

As a nurse I need a stethoscope that I can count on.The Litmann Master Classic II has not let me down.

May 24, 2011
Excellent Stethoscope

This item arrived just as expected, with the exception that it arrived even earlier than I had anticipated (thank you, Allheart)! I've owned a couple of other stethoscopes before, but none has matched the ease of use and simplicity of this Littman. There may be better Littman stethoscopes out there, but for my use as a Med/Surg. nurse...this is the one I keep coming back to.Personally, I have no need for the gloss nor the ""bells and whistles"" of the more expensive stethoscopes offered and although a new nurse may find this one a bit expensive, in this case you'll get what you pay for and won't be sorry!

May 20, 2011
amazing product

as an emt it was a great product to use on the rig and the volume is great

May 17, 2011
worth the money


May 16, 2011
Great Gift!

This stethoscope was a gift to my daughter who just became an RN. She ""loves it""! It was exactly what she wanted.

May 11, 2011
Great Buy!

I love the style and the color options. Very clear sound. Soft eartips don't hurt like the hard ones. Long stem so your not getting too close to patients

May 10, 2011
Made a great choice!

this was a birthday present for my sister who is a physician in a high risk medical office, she needed this stethoscope for her patients, she also states it has great sound effects and features. Great choice, she loves it.

April 30, 2011
Recent Stethoscope Purchase!

This was a very high quality stethoscope for a good price. I'm extremely pleased and will definetley shop for more items in the future.

April 27, 2011
The Perfect Stethoscope!

This is my 2nd purchase of this model (also have a Cardiology III). My initial classic II was stolen at work. I very quickly realized just how much I love this model. It is lightweight and has such a crisp, clear sound, allowing me, as an RN, to make a quick accurate assessment. I would highly recommend this product for ANYONE!

April 26, 2011
Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope

I've had this item for a couple of weeks now and I really like it. I am a first semester nursing student, so I haven't gotten a lot of experiance with it other than practicing, but it is way better than any other stethoscope I've used. The color/appearance was exactly how it is pictured on the website. The comfort of the earpieces was what really surprised me. Also, when using it, it is very clear. I haven't had any issues with tubing noise and you can hear much more than with other brands. The design is very sleek and classy feeling. Overall, it was a great purchase and I'm very happy with it.

April 26, 2011


April 20, 2011
Works great

I have only been using it for a few days now but so far everything is good. Can hear lung sounds great

April 18, 2011
Love this stethoscope!

I was given an ADC stethoscope during nursing school but like my Littmann even better. I recently took an advanced stethoscope skills class and learned about make and model and auscultation techniques. I believe this is high quality, produces clear sounds, and handles well. I am very happy with my purchase.

March 29, 2011
Steth review

Great product! Excellent sound and flexibility. This is my first lithman brand steth and I am sure I won't settle for anything of less quality should I lose my steth next time.

March 28, 2011

I love this stethoscope, how did i ever do with out it??

March 21, 2011
Great Gift

Gave the Littmann Stethoscope-Master Classic II as a Christmas gift. It was recommended by local EMS personnel. The recipient was very impressed.

March 06, 2011
Great Stethascope.

I bought it two weeks ago and now it is on sale. Bummer. I won't be so quick to purchase next time.

March 04, 2011

excellant sound, color is good

February 25, 2011
Great Steth

I bought this as a gift for my fiance as he graduated nursing school and he loves it. He says it has great clarity for breath and heart sounds.

February 22, 2011
no review

no review

February 15, 2011
great scope!!

bought this for my wife the nurse... she loves it...

February 12, 2011
Littman Master Classic

I've used this stethoscope since med school days (30 years!) - love the new colors!

February 11, 2011
Love this stethoscope--but they lie about the color!

I absolutely love this stethoscope--I am a nursing student and it goes above and beyond my needs for a learning stethoscope--i will definitely use it when I graduate and become an rn. I ordered this stethoscope in ""purple"" but it is more of a navy blue. Luckily, color isn't that important to me, but I have a fellow classmate who was more than dissatisified with the color she received; it was completely different than the color online. I also got my name on the tubing, not sure of it's worth the price, it is really just like a sticker with your name. Wish they could engrave. Overall, im pleased with this purchase

February 10, 2011
Great Scope

I purchased this for my wife who is a graduated practical nurse she absolutely loves it!!!

February 08, 2011
great purchase 4.5 stars

excellent auscultation at an affordable price.

February 07, 2011
Littmann Stethoscopes - Master Classic II Stethoscope - Personalization Available

Great Stethoscope...

February 05, 2011
sufficient to describe item

so far so good

January 26, 2011
Great Service

I couldn't hear as well through one of the ear pieces, so I sent it back. I also requested a different color, as the one I originally requested was not what I had expected. Allheart, without question, refunded my postage and quickly sent another stethoscope in the color requested. I was very happy with Allheart and the purchase made.

January 23, 2011
Best purchase I ever Made

This is the best purchase ever. I love my Littman, all sounds are clear, outside sounds are blocked out. Ear piece fits great. My other stethoscope hurt my ears. My new Littmann brings a whole new world of listening to all sounds lungs, heart, bowels. If you do not own one I recommend you purchase one. No more struggles with listening and it is easy in the ears.

January 11, 2011
nice stethoscope

Very nice, tubing flexible,sound superior,nice color

January 11, 2011
Great son loved it!

My Son is a nursing student and I purchased as a Christmas gift. He used it while working at the local hospital over Christmas Break and the nursing staff was very impressed with this Stethoscope.

January 08, 2011
Littman Master Classic II

Great sounding stethoscope. Being a new nurse, I wish someone would have told me to invest in this earlier. You can really hear so much better than the pieces of junk they give you at school. Definitely worth the money.

January 08, 2011

Unbelievable sound difference. I have hearing lose in both ears. And trying to get lung sounds and blood pressures in a controlled setting was just hard for me. On scene or in the back of a moving unit with lights and siren going was impossible. After trying a littman stethoscope of a friend of mine. I ordered a littman master classic II. By far the best money I have ever spent.

January 07, 2011
Quality Stethoscope, great for all health care professionals.

I loved my new stethoscope, for the few times I was able to use it. I could hear lung and heart sounds well. Unfortunately, even though my name was nicely engrave on it, it has ""disappeared"". I am still hoping it will be returned so I can use it and enjoy it again.

January 07, 2011
Very Satisfied!

Fast Delivery, On-time, No problems, Great Deal!!

January 06, 2011
Great selection!

This was a Christmas gift for my granddaughter who is an RN. She is very happy and says its exactly what she needed - doesn't miss a beat with her patients!

January 04, 2011
Very pleased:)

Present for our daughter heading into studying medicine.

January 04, 2011
Great, no problems.

Picked up a pneumonia first day with it.

January 01, 2011
Good stethescope

I got this stethescope for my daughter who just graduated from nursing school. She said it is great but the tubing is too short for her. Other than that, the ear pieces are comfortable. Auditory factors very good.

December 29, 2010
excellent !

Product was exactly what my daughter wanted. My order was promtly filled and shipped in plenty of time for Christmas.

December 14, 2010
My littman stethoscope

I absolutely love my new stethoscope. It is just top notch.

December 08, 2010
Do not understand question

A Christmas present for grandaughter. Therefore, no experience as yet

December 07, 2010
outstanding acoustics

an outstanding stethoscopewell worth the cost

December 05, 2010
Good quality, reasonable price

Lightweight, good acoustics, comfortable to wear, folds up nicely in my pocket.

November 15, 2010
Engraved Stethoscope

I purchased this stethoscope as a gift for our son. He specifically asked for it for his birthday. We had his named engraved on it as a special surprise. He's very pleased with it.

November 05, 2010
Best stethoscope going!

Fantastic comfort with ease of use. I love not having to twist for the bell.

October 30, 2010
great service and quality products

Ordering process was smooth and hassle free. product arrived in a timely fashion. Product was of great quality and fuctionality, use it every day in my job. I havent quite found the perfect place for it on my neck though,,,,,lol,,,,, as its a bit shorter thatn my previous stethascope. Thanks for the experience will be ordering again.

October 27, 2010
LOVE IT!! =)

Best purchase I have made this far!

October 26, 2010
What? It's on sale now?

I purchased this as a gift for a friend. She seems to be enjoying it now, as she became a PA.However, I can't believe that it's on sale less than 2 weeks after I ordered it! Anyway they would be like some stores and refund me the difference????

October 22, 2010
priced right, quick to ship

Excellent price

October 11, 2010
Crystal clear sound

Allows me to securely tuck the stethoscope under my blood pressure cuff so that I can accurately ascultate my own blood pressure. Heart and lung sounds are heard clearly on myself and others.

September 25, 2010
Smart purchase

Good stethoscope, good acoustics, best price out there, quick service, no complaints, thanks again.:)

September 23, 2010
Stress test bps

I used this stethoscope to take blood pressures during a treadmill stress test. I could hear it beautifully eve during stage 4.

September 05, 2010
Good stethescope, really pretty color.

I am enjoying my new stethescope. Sound quality is very good. Soft, pliable tubing, and beautiful carribean blue color. Really like it.

September 04, 2010
Stethoscope is Great

I purchased this item for my daughter and she loves it.

September 01, 2010
Big Difference

My wife and I are Oregon professionals who needed an improvement over what we had been using. Your price was competitive, the quality unquestionable, color availability, and quick shipping much appreciated.

August 30, 2010
Good price & fast service...

I liked the speed in which I was able to pick out my item on-line. Delivery was fast & the stethescope came in great condition! However, I was very disappointed in the color that I received! I picked it oput on-line & now that I have it, the color is very different in person!

August 19, 2010
Great Stethascope!

I was very happy with the new stethoscope I received, the Littmann Master Classic II. It's lightweight and easy to use. The earpieces are comfortable and the sound is clear. Great quality at a price lower than I could get in the stores.

February 27, 2010
Great, but...

I just finished getting my bachelors in respiratory therapy. This was my stethoscope, and would recommend it to any student. My teacher used a Master Cardiology. She was hearing lung sounds I couldn't. I'm stepping my game up to the Cardiology III (all black of course).

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