Clearance Certainty Laundry Additive (20 oz)

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Protect every load with the cutting-edge technology of SmartBoost Certainty Laundry Additive (20 oz). BIOSAFE is the key ingredient in this additive, allowing you to prolong the life of your clothes and resist stains, in addition to preventing the build up of mold, mildew, fabric degradation and odor-causing bacteria.
  • 20 oz. bottle
  • Measured in small cap-loads
  • Packaging color may vary
  • Compact, lightweight packaging
  • Unisex laundry additive
  • Not to be used as a detergent
  • Enough for 20 laundry loads
  • Safe for use on infant clothing
  • Non-beaching and non-toxic
  • Appropriate for all temperatures
  • Helps prevents the spread of microorganism
  • Machine-wash scrubs and lab coats at home
  • Made in the USA
  • Water-based laundry additive
  • Active ingredient is BIOSAFE from Gelest®
  • Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, non-bleaching, perfume and dye free
  • Cannot be shipped outside USA, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, AFO & FPO addresses

Garments treated with SmartBoost Certainty Laundry Additive do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses or disease organisms. Always follow all best practices for infection prevention and wash all garments thoroughly after each use

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