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ERKA: The Original Stethoscope

This German-engineered brand has been crafting advanced diagnostics since 1889.

When you’re shopping for a stethoscope there are certain names you look for: Littmann, of course, Welch Allyn, Prestige Medical, etc. Here in the states, these brands are passed-down to new generations of medical professionals and students as the standard for quality. What you may not know is there’s another name that’s been synonymous with superior diagnostic technology for over 100 years: ERKA.

Founded in Berlin in 1889, ERKA has been expertly crafting diagnostics thanks to their background in German engineering. As of 2017, allheart is excited to offer these amazing stethoscopes to the US market.

No matter your specialty, there's an ERKA for you

ERKA’s core models all have these benefits:

  • ERKA stethoscopes are made with chrome polished brass which is less porous and more hygienic
  • Every chestpiece is internally sealed to last longer than other types of construction
  • ERKA stethoscopes all come with a carrying case and warranty

These 3 models are the foundation of ERKA’s superior quality and performance:

ERKA Finesse2 Stethoscope – The Universal Standard
  • Ideal for all specialties
  • Dual head chestpiece with 2 convex diaphragms
  • Switchable chestpiece for auscultation on adults and children
ERKA Precise Stethoscope – The Sounds Standard
  • Ideal for anesthesiologists, heart specialists, emergency physicians, paramedics, family physicians, internists, P.A.s, nurses and much more
  • Dual head chestpiece with membrane and open bell
  • Patented dual membrane for the most sensitive auscultation of high and low frequencies
ERKA Sensitive Stethoscope – The Reference Standard
  • Ideal for anesthesiologists, heart specialists, family physicians, physician assistants, medical students, nurse, aenesthetists specialists in respiratory diseases and much more
  • Single head, ergonomically shaped chestpiece with floating dual-frequency diaphragm
  • Optimal sound chamber geometry for optimal auscultation of high and low tones

We do not currently carry ERKA Stethoscopes. Instead, shop our extensive collection of premium Littmann Stethoscopes here.