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4 Essential Tips

If you're buying scrubs for the first time

Just getting into the medical, dental or veterinary field? Then let us introduce you to the wonderful world of scrubs. These seemingly pajama-like articles of clothing are specially designed for the journey you are about to embark on. Even though buying scrubs may seem simple, sometimes it can be anything but. Our essential tips will make you a scrub-buying expert in no time.

Sizing – Scrubs tend to run larger than your everyday clothes.

Expect both tops and pants to have a more relaxed and roomy feel. There are more fitted and “athletic” cut scrubs available every day, but overall this is a general rule. Taking your measurements and checking the size chart of each item you want to order is the best way to ensure your scrubs fit.

Check your Uniform – You might be color-coded.

Whether you’re in school or starting a new job, make sure to see if there is a specific scrub you’re supposed to wear. It might be just a color or even as specific as a brand and style number. It’s easy to get excited and run out to buy your first scrub set, but it doesn’t do you much good if you can’t wear it!

Make a Match – Pair pieces of the same brand and collection only.

Although just about every brand has your standard uniform colors like black, navy, ceil, and white, it doesn’t mean they’re all the exact same shade. Just like your everyday clothing, colors differ by brand and in this case, sometimes even by collection. If you’re buying more than one piece at a time, make sure they match by choosing tops, pants and jackets from the same brand as well as collection.

Top It Off – Go farther than just tops and pants.

To ensure comfort in any environment, make sure you have the right layers and accessories. Get yourself some underscrubs and a jacket. Have a long sleeve and short sleeve underscrub for warm and cold days. Choose a jacket from the same brand and collection as your scrub set to ensure it matches.