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Go Digital With Eko

A state-of-the-art attachement instantly transforms your stethoscope.

If you're a stethoscope user, you may have heard that digital is quickly becoming the new standard in auscultation. Eko Devices is leading the pack with their innovative stethoscope attachment that wirelessly records, visualizes and delivers the sounds your hear.

Try it with their cardiology-grade stethoscope or attach the Eko to your favorite single-tune acoustic scope (check our compatibility list). The versatility doesn't end there - a simple switch allows you to easily transition back and forth between analog and digital mode.

A free mobile app download lets you use Eko's built-in Bluetooth to pair your smartphone or tablet for wireless streaming and sharing.

Once you go digital,
you'll never go back.

Still not convinced? Watch our video to see why once you go digital, you'll never go back!