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Go Green

Eco-friendly fabric may not be your objective when shopping for scrubs, but there are plenty of reasons why it should be.

Go Green with fabric made from recycled plastics

It’s made by names you trust

Barco ONE™ is one of the latest brands from your scrub-innovating pals over at Barco Uniforms that showcases the best of recycled fabric mixed with athletic performance.

This breakthrough fabric tech also reduces energy usage by 84% and C02 emissions by 71% compared to making other scrubs. Now that’s impact.

It reduces environmental impact

For Barco ONE™ it’s recycled polyester. A total of 5 recycled plastic bottles are used to make the amount of recycled polyester that goes into any one scrub top, pant, jacket, or t-shirt.

It doesn’t feel like plastic

Believe it or not, this recycled polyester fabric is incredibly lightweight and silky soft. It matches Barco ONE™’s athletic styling as well as being wrinkle resistant.

It’s just as affordable

You may think all of these high-tech features come at a price, but it’s not a high one. Barco ONE™ scrubs won’t cost more than your other favorite brands, but they will make you feel better about how you spend your hard-earned cash.