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Lab Coat Lowdown

What to consider when choosing a lab coat.

Whether you wear a lab coat every day or just need one to get through school, there are lots of options. We’re here to help you pinpoint the exact style you need based on your budget.

Value Lab Coats

  • About $20 or less
  • Traditional cotton and polyester blend twill or poplin fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Feature large pockets and button closure
  • Perfect for students or anyone who goes through lab coats frequently

Moderate Lab Coats

  • Somewhere between $20 and $40
  • Cotton or polyester blend fabric that may have some spandex for stretch
  • Button or sometimes zip closure
  • Large pockets with a bit of extra tailoring throughout
  • Perfect if you only wear a lab coat sometimes, but need something that will last

Premium Lab Coats

  • Up to $200
  • Thicker fabric with extra features like antimicrobial fabric and moisture wicking
  • Added details like printed trim
  • The very best tailoring
  • Perfect for anyone who wears a lab coat every day

Every lab coat looks more professional with embroidery

No matter your budget or needs, every lab coat looks more professional with embroidery!