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Measure Up

Learn how to decipher measurements and avoid the dreaded returns and exchanges hassle.

Arguably the hardest part of online ordering is choosing the correct size. This is even more true for scrubs since you’re not just running errands or hanging out in them, you’re working in them.

What you’ll need:

  • Your favorite pair of scrubs
  • A soft tape measure
  • Somewhere to record your measurements

Center back length

This is the standard measurement given for scrub tops, underscrubs and scrub jackets.

How to find it: Take your favorite scrub top and lay it on the floor or another flat surface. Using your soft measuring tape, measure from the very middle of the back of the neckline, straight down to the center of the back hemline. Round up to the nearest quarter of an inch.

Sizing tips: Choose a scrub top that is the same or within 1 inch longer than the measurement you took to ensure a comfortable fit. Unless specified, the center back length given is usually for a size medium, and will be 1/4 of an inch to 1/3 inch longer as you go up in size, or shorter as you go down in size.


The length measurement given on scrub pants.

How to find it: Lay your scrub pants on the floor or a flat surface so that the inner leg seam is flat and straight. Start your measurement from the very center of the crotch seam and continue down that inner-leg seam to the hemline of your pant leg.

Ordering scrubs is even trickier than casual clothes since you’re not just running errands or hanging out in them, you’re working in them.

Sizing tips: The regular length inseam varies depending on brand, so always check the size chart before ordering. You may find you need a short or tall length based on the inseam measurement you take from your favorite pants.

Knowing common scrub measurements when you hit the online store will help take the guesswork out of choosing new scrubs and save you time on returns or exchanges.