What's In Your Pockets?

Multiple pockets are a necessity, but there is such a thing as too many options.

When you have a million different items you need to keep on you during your shift, the solution may seem as simple as choosing scrubs with tons of pockets- until you have to decide what goes where. Sure, you could just throw your phone, tools and everything else haphazardly into those pockets, but you may end up fishing for that one good pen later. Start at the top and prioritize items and pockets for an even distribution and ultimate convenience.

A chest pocket is great for small or flat items like cards and cash. This Tactical Scrub Top by MC2 for Men by Med Couture has the added benefit of a tab closure for extra security. Front pockets with tool slots are perfect for you’re the items you reach for the most. Keeping things like your favorite pen in the same spot every day ensures you know where it is and don’t lose it.

Most scrub pants have both front and back pockets, but they may not be the most comfortable place to store larger items like your cell phone. A deep cargo pocket is a great place, however since the size is larger and it keeps your phone out of the way. If you’ve got cargo pockets on each leg, stash your phone in the pocket on the same side as your dominant hand.

Grab the tool you need at a moment's notice by optimizing your pocket space and giving high-priority items a designated spot

Avoid fumbling through your pockets when you're busy with patients and peers by taking the time to pre-organize. Looking at your pockets and designating a space for each essential item will definitely come in handy.