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Ripstop for Hard Wear

Prone to snags? This military-grade fabric stops tears in their tracks.

During WWII, ripstop fabric was developed as an alternative to expensive silk that had previously been used in parachutes. This innovative woven fabric featured the strength of heavier fabrics without the weight and was soon utilized in military clothing, as well.

What is Ripstop?

A woven fabric constructed using a special reinforcing technique that inhibits rips and tears. This weaving method creates a crosshatch pattern and 3D structure so any small rips that do occur won’t spread.

Why wear it?

Ripstop is made specifically to provide ultimate durability most commonly used by fire fighters, soldiers, and camping gear, so why not medical professionals? For all the moving around you do, you won’t find a fabric that can better withstand being pulled in so many directions.

Is it comfortable?

With all this talk of utility, you might expect ripstop to weigh you down, but it won’t. Brands like Carhartt create their ripstop fabric with a blend of cotton and polyester that still feels lightweight and smooth, while Landau also adds spandex for greater stretch.

Ripstop is worn by fire fighters and soldiers, so why not medical professionals?

Is it affordable?

You bet. Opting for the increased strength of ripstop fabric won’t drain your bank account. These scrubs are just as affordable as your other favorites from Carhartt, Landau, Barco and more.