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Why Buy Unisex?

If you hesitate to buy unisex scrubs, you’re not alone. We’re here to bust the myth that unisex scrubs aren’t made for men.

There's a common misconception amongst male
medical professionals that scrubs labeled as "unisex" are not for you, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Whether you're looking at a scrub top, pants, jacket or underscrub, if it's labeled as "unisex", that just means it works for a man or a woman.

Myth 1: “Unisex won’t fit me properly”

Truth: Unisex scrubs are made to fit both a man and a woman. A men's size small top measures considerably larger than the women's size small top, because on average men have a larger frame. So a unisex size small is made to fit a size small man, but will be large on a size small woman.

Myth 2: "Unisex scrubs look and/or feel feminine"

Truth:You won't find curvy seams or a flared hemline on a unisex style like you may on a women's style. This helps to give unisex scrubs their gender-neutral look.

A unisex style just means
it's designed to fit
both men and women

Myth 3: "Unisex scrubs cost the same as men’s scrubs"

Truth:Bottom line, unisex scrubs are made to be universal in every way, including value. You'll find they typically cost less than men's styles thanks to a streamlined design, basic cut and versatile fabric.