6 Benefits of Slip-Resistant Shoes for Nurses

Female nurse wearing colorful clogs

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality estimates that between 700,000 and 1 million people in the United States fall in the hospital each year. Falls can lead to anything from mild bruising and soreness to serious issues like fractures, lacerations or internal bleeding. Obviously, many of the people in this fall statistic are patients, not nurses, but the message is clear: Due to a variety of factors, hospitals are common places to fall.

Even if they’re in perfect health, nurses can still slip and fall as they hustle from one patient to another. Thankfully, slip-resistant nursing shoes are available to help prevent falls and provide many more benefits besides safety. Read on to discover six benefits of slip-resistant shoes for nurses.


As the name suggests, the primary purpose of slip-resistant shoes is to prevent falls and other accidents. While hard surfaces are much easier to disinfect, when you combine slick floors with constant cleaning, it’s a perfect recipe for slips and falls—which is why it’s a good idea for nurses and other medical staff to wear slip-resistant shoes. The last thing you need while taking care of patients is to injure yourself because your shoes slipped on a wet patch of disinfectant on the hospital floor (at least, you hope it’s disinfectant and not another liquid).


If your shoes are prone to slipping, you have to walk more slowly and take care where you put your feet so you don’t make a misstep and fall down. But if you wear slip-resistant shoes, you can power walk down the hospital hallway as fast as you want to go without having to worry about falls. This means you’ll be able to get more done during a shift, and what nurse doesn’t want that?

Woman holding white slip resistant shoes


Any slip-resistant shoe that’s worthy of the name should have a thick rubber sole. Not only does this sole protect against falls, it also cushions your feet against the constant stress of a 12-hour long shift. Given that nurses stand and walk for almost their entire shift and rarely get a chance to sit down, having a thick and well-cushioned sole is of paramount importance to fighting off foot pain. Thankfully, slip-resistant shoes deliver on this winning combination, and some even offer the option to insert custom orthotics for even further comfort.

Durability and Cost

The soles of slip-resistant shoes are usually made with high-quality rubber that holds up well over time. Instead of wearing out quickly, your nursing shoes will last you through many shifts without wearing down. Sure, you can find cheaper shoes, but then you’d have to replace them more quickly, so it about evens out. Plus, our slip-resistant shoes are already pretty affordable to begin with. Many of our pairs, including some leather options, are available for $100 or less, which is an incredibly good value for shoes that you’re going to wear every day for hours at a time.

Collection of stylish slip resistant nursing shoes

Good Design

Slip-resistant doesn’t have to equal ho-hum design. In fact, many of our slip-resistant shoes look like ordinary and even stylish sneakers, tennis shoes, clogs, flats and other common shoe designs. In many cases, you can’t tell that the shoes are slip-resistant just from looking at them, and most of the designs wouldn’t look out of place with an outfit besides scrubs (although you probably shouldn’t wear your shoes outside the hospital, as they can carry germs along with the rest of your outfit).

Peace of Mind

When you put on slip-resistant shoes, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re going to fall during a shift or if your shoes are going to wear out quickly. Instead, you can rest (or work) assured knowing that your shoes will protect you against falls and hold up well during a long shift. If your current pair of nursing shoes aren’t already slip-resistant, it’s definitely time to consider your options.

We hope the message is clear by now: If you’re a nurse, you should be wearing slip-resistant shoes to protect yourself and those around you. They’ll keep you safe, comfortable and stylish as you spend long hours taking care of your patients. Feel free to browse our collection of slip-resistant shoes, and our customer service staff is always happy to help you find the perfect pair in just the right size and color.