3M Littmann Lightweight Stethoscopes

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Lightweight Stethoscopes by 3M Littmann
Our Price: $67.98
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Lightweight Stethoscopes by 3M Littmann
Our Price: $108.98
Lightweight Stethoscopes by 3M Littmann maximize your professional efficiency and convenience with easy to use diagnostic equipment of busy or on the go medical settings. A great option for both traveling nurse practitioners and doctors, this lightweight and easy to use equipment features a dual head chest piece, tunable diaphragm that alternates between low and high frequencies without turning over the chest piece, double-leaf binaural springs, patient-friendly non-chill rims and most tubing colors come with Pantone ear tubes and grey ear tips. Another wonderful feature about this line at AllHeart, is the value that you get when you bundle with our other amazing complimentary products; Praveni cleaning kits, Adlite Plus penlights, ADC Prosphyg 760 Aneroid Sphygmomanometers, carrying cases and a Retracteze ID Holder.