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Most clinical settings have switched to modern technological advances to maintain patient records or provide treatment. Isn't it time for a more innovative medical device that you rely on for nearly every patient examination? With Eko stethoscopes and medical devices, you can see the difference intelligent detection software can make for diagnosing and treating patients. Shop AllHeart for EKO devices to provide the very best care in any clinical setting. Learning New Tricks Advanced stethoscopes from Eko are more than just digital models. These diagnostic tools rely on smart technology to detect disease for faster, more accurate diagnoses. The precision of an EKO stethoscope can identify early signs of heart and lung disease, often in a matter of seconds, with almost 90% accuracy. Other features include noise cancellation to silence distracting background noise and Bluetooth-enabled wireless capabilities that pair with the Eko app to record and track data and update medical records. Turning to Technology Shop the selection of advanced EKO medical devices at AllHeart to see the difference that modernization can make in your healthcare environment. Physicians, nurses, students and educators can all easily adapt to implementing the user-friendly EKO app for quality patient care. Be sure to check out our other top brands of medical devices when you visit our website. AllHeart has complimentary shipping on orders over $49 and offers custom engraving for stethoscopes to keep track of your equipment in an often chaotic workplace.