Med Sleeve

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Med Sleeve
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Do your bare arms get a little chilly when you wear your scrub tops? Does your work environment leave you exposed to chemical spills? Instead of layering a long-sleeve shirt with your scrubs, why not try Med Sleeve compression sleeves? AllHeart carries a fun, colorful selection of these sleeve accessories to warm your arms and improve blood flow while you perform your healthcare duties. An Undershirt Alternative Layering a long-sleeve shirt under a scrub top may seem like an easy solution for cold arms, but two shirts can also lead to a bulky, lumpy, downright uncomfortable fit. With Med Sleeve arm sleeves, you can have that extra level of warmth where you need it most. We offer these sleeves in basic black, gray and white, but if you want something a little more colorful, check out our patterned sleeves or bright pinks and blues. Comfort and Convenience Another reason we love Med Sleeve products is that they are easy to wear. Slip them on your arms, and you are ready to go. The ribbed bands and fabric blend fit comfortably from your upper arm to wrist and keep their shape even after many laundry cycles. If you've been looking for another solution to keep your arms warm without overheating the rest of you, give Med Sleeve compression sleeves a try. AllHeart has free shipping when you spend over $49, so add some to your scrub set order when you shop with us.