OMNI-Steth Electronic Stethoscopes

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Standard acoustic stethoscopes don't have the same precision as versions enhanced with innovative technology. If you are tired of making do with a less effective diagnostic tool, you may be ready to upgrade to the OMNI-Steth digital stethoscope. AllHeart carries this industry leader to give healthcare professionals the quality medical devices that make examining, diagnosing and treating patients more effective.

How Digital Delivers

The OMNI-Steth digital stethoscope features a user-friendly digital display screen and Bluetooth capability to pair with standard headphones or your healthcare system's tablets and laptops. It also comes with both pediatric and adult heads to treat any population of patients.

You'll love the 24X sound amplification that allows you to distinguish high- and low-frequency sounds with greater accuracy. You can even pinpoint the area of auscultation to listen to heart, lung or internal organ noises with added clarity. This stethoscope model also has the memory capacity to store up to 160 readings, making you more efficient as you go about your rounds or keep up with a hectic office schedule.

How You Benefit

AllHeart is proud to carry the OMNI-Steth digital stethoscope and other invaluable diagnostic tools. We have custom engraving for stethoscopes if you want to personalize your device. Enjoy complimentary shipping when you order your OMNI-Steth at our website, and be sure to sign up for our email to receive information and exclusive offers on other products at our site.