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You can wash your scrubs, but sometimes, they don't look or smell as clean as they should. The problem isn't your washer or your detergent; it's more likely caused by odor-causing bacteria, mold or mildew permeating the fabric of your uniform. Instead of buying all-new scrubs, use SmartBoost Antimicrobial Laundry Additive from Certainty. AllHeart carries this laundry booster to keep your scrubs looking and smelling their best.

Benefits of SmartBoost

SmartBoost Laundry Additive is not a fabric softener or color booster; its job is to eliminate bacteria that can lead to odors and stains. You can add it to any load or use any water temperature, and it can work without bleaching or ruining your machine washable fabrics. While it is not a detergent, it is a water-based additive that can work its antimicrobial magic on your scrub tops and bottoms.

Safety of SmartBoost

Because this laundry additive is non-toxic and does not contain bleach, it is safe to use on colorful or white scrubs. Some healthcare professionals like to use it on their athletic clothing to eliminate any lingering post-workout odors.

Look for SmartBoost at AllHeart and add it to your shopping bag when you shop for new scrubs and accessories. See the difference it can make for your laundry. Be sure to sign up for our email to save money with exclusive offers and promo codes when visiting our website.