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Nearly every healthcare professional has heard of the name Welch Allyn. While they are a leader in hospital-based medical devices and healthcare supplies, they have also become a recognizable name in households and family practices. The people at AllHeart know just how essential Welch Allyn is to medicine, which is why we have all of their must-have products right here where you buy your favorite scrub uniforms and nursing shoes. Whether you are interested in their top-rated, high-quality stethoscopes for nurses and doctors or their sphygmomanometers and blood pressure monitors for reliable patient readings, we have the best models available to you. Along with these devices, you can shop their otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes designed for patient-friendly examinations and enhanced, convenient care. Keep it simple and save yourself time with our Welch Allyn sets and kits, which allow you to shop for all of the classic tools at a rate that makes sense. Some of the most popular and well-known Welch Allyn products that we have for you here at AllHeart include their 3.5 V Coaxial Diagnostic Set with Diagnostic Otoscope & Convertible Handle and their ProBP™ Digital Blood Pressure Device 2000. Invest in your profession or give one of these items as a gift. You will also find penlights and accessories for y If you are shopping for stethoscopes, be sure to browse their Tycos Latex Free models. The Harvey DLX Dual Head Stethoscope delivers accurate heart sounds with a tightly constrained flat diaphragm and corrugated diaphragm. With plenty of tubing, extra eartips and your choice in colors, you are sure to find the right dual head stethoscope for your needs. They also have pediatric models and replacement pieces if you would like to have extras in your drawer or closet. Discover all of the medical devices you need to get your job done in one convenient place. Since you know it is a Welch Allyn product, you will have the confidence to put your new healthcare devices to work. With such a well-known brand in your office or hospital room, you may also instill more trust in your patients. Just like you, Welch Allyn is a healthcare brand that stands for quality and innovation. Whether you need products for an entire doctor's office or a set of high-tech medical devices for a professional who is new to medicine, every product in this collection makes for a great investment or gift. Affirm to your patients and your team that you care by purchasing your stethoscopes, blood pressure sets and otoscope kits from Welch Allyn. With the convenience of AllHeart, you can add these items to your cart as you shop for your favorite lab coats, medical bags and scrubs.