veterinary|948 med 4|674 med 3|516 medical staff|510 caduceus|499 Happy Tooth & Brush|361 rn caduceus|359 Stethoscope & Syringe|279 rn|214 heart paw|198 medic symbol|195 chiropractic|188 dental|158 dentistry|156 med 12|149 Small Paw Print|148 med 11|142 med 15|128 pill bottles|122 2-Tone Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon|121 teddy nurse|115 Staff of Aesculapius|112 american flag|109 teddy doctor|97 optometry|93 dog paw|89 mortar & pestle|80 super nurse|79 american sweetheart logo|78 Baby & Bear|78 nurse-heartbeat|75 med 10|75 puzzle ribbon|65 Nurses Rule|64 dentist heart|61 glasses frame|58 Awareness-Ribbon|56 Breast Cancer Ribbon|53 Fight Like A Girl|48 Pink Ribbon Have Faith|47 I Love My Surgeon|44 Nurses Call The Shots|37 OB Doctor|35 nurse 2|35 lpn|34 love puppy|32 doctor|31 Surgery Technologist|28 smiley face dentist|27 peace love puppies|27 baby things|27 ambulance|26 lpn caduceus|24 world's greatest phlebotomist|19 patriotic ribbon|18 Dental Hygienist|16 I x-ray|5 day at the spa|3