Littmann Cardiology Series
Littmann Classic Series
Littmann Pediatric/Infant Series
Littmann Select/Lightweight Series
Littmann Electronic Series
Littmann Cardiology IV Series
Littmann Cardiology III Series

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Littmann Cardiology Stethoscopes offer ultimate durability with a hand-built stainless steel chestpiece and tunable diaphragm.
Littmann Classic Stethoscopes provide excellent acoustics and total versatility from tunable diaphragms.
Littman Pediatric/Infant Stethoscopes are specially designed with a child-size chestpiece, traditional bell, and floating diaphragm.
Littman Select/Lightweight Stethoscopes feature a tear-drop shaped chestpice that easily fits under blood pressure cuffs.
Littmann Electronic Stethoscopes feature high-performance amplification, noise cancellation, and an LCD display.
Cardiology IV
Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscopes features a one-piece diaphragm for improved acoustics so you can hear the heart better.
Cardiology III
Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscopes are premium instruments with two sizes for practitioners who treat children and adults.

Littmann Electronic Series

Littmann electronic stethoscopes have high-tech features, including Bluetooth technology and LCD display, that let you hear, visualize and record better.

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